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We saw Alex Smith at a Wizards game a week ago wearing a massive brace/external fixator for his broken leg. Questions came up again about his chances of playing football this year Josh Norman Jersey , or ever again. Most outside observers said he had almost no chance of seeing the field in 2019. Shocking no one, Ian Rapoport reported today that the Redskins are planning to be without Smith this year.The Redskins will enter the offseason with Smith destined for PUP/IR, and Colt McCoy the only other QB under contract. McCoy also broke his leg last year, but it wasn't nearly as bad as Smith's injury. He will be ready for offseason activities, but who else will the Redskins bring in to compete?Fans have been in open revolt over Bruce Allen's continued employment, and consolidation of power in the front office. Attendance is way down, and the team was actually honest about the numbers and waiting list for almost a whole year. The team started off 6-3, but the injuries to Smith and others tanked the season. Dan Snyder needs a spark and that could come from signing/trading for a Joe Flacco Jordan Reed Jersey , Ryan Tannehill, or Nick Foles kind of veteran. They could also trade up in the draft to get one of the top QBs this year, maybe another Heisman winner. Either option is going to cost a lot in draft capital, and potentially salary cap if they go for another pricey veteran band aid.It's going to be an interesting and scary offseason for fans who want to see the team built the right way and not sold out for the chance to be average again. The Redskins kept Head Coach Jay Gruden after another 7-9 year. He's coaching on borrowed time, and needs a winner next season, but what will that cost? Hogs Haven takes a look at 2019 NFL Draft prospects that could contribute to the Redskins"WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections Looks Like Someone Has A Sixpack Of The MondaysDaily SlopRedskins RecapsReach It Finally?New,10commentsHogs Haven takes a look at 2019 NFL Draft prospects that could contribute to the RedskinsESTShareTweetShareShareMartez Ivey Has A Lot Of Potential; Can Bill Callahan Help Him Reach It Finally?Kim Klement-USA TODAY SportsMartez Ivey, OT/OGSchool: Florida | Conference: SECCollege Experience: Senior | Age: 23Height / Weight: 6-3 / 310 lbsProjected Draft Status: 6th RoundNFL Comparison: Desmond HarrisonCollege StatisticsN/APlayer OverviewMartez Ivey was a highly recruited 5-star prospect from Apopka Bryce Love Washington Redskins Jersey , Florida. He was the #1 ranked offensive line prospect in the nation back in 2015. Ivey was known as a mauler coming out of high school and has experience starting in 44 games and playing in all contests during his time at Florida at both left tackle and left guard. For a guy that was known for his physicality coming out of high school Ivey has not exactly harnessed that skill or used it consistently. He is still developing his technique, his body, and his strength. Ivey has never quite lived up to his recruiting status though he has shown flashes. Some teams still ought to be intrigued by his his potential and may think that they can develop him much quicker than the staff at Florida. Ivey has some intriguing versatility as well. He has the height and length for a tackle and could continue his pro career there but some think he can perform better and more consistently at guard which he has experience at as well. Athletic and strength testing will be huge for Ivey and all eyes will be on how he performs during positional drills as well. StrengthsGood size and length for the position with decent athleticism. Plays with decent kick slide and arm extension to help keep opponents at bay. Size and length make it harder for guys to go through or around him. Has 35 inch arms and also experience playing both positions on the left side of the OL.Is much better as a run blocker than a pass protector. His functional strength is better in this application where he can use his size to plow through and create space for running backs. Looks ok on runs where he has to pull and block in space.Seems to have good awareness is not easily fooled by stunts/delayed blitzes generally makes good choices when passing opponents off while heading to the next assignment.WeaknessesTechnique is just a mess, footwork and leverage are pretty bad and Iím slightly shocked he has been effective as he has at this level. No punch to speak up in pass protection and he may be an outright liability at the next level. Hand placement is hit or miss. Pad level and balance can easily compromise him bends at the waist - a mess. Plays with hesitancy he is a step slow with almost everything and defenses can take advantage of that and blow him up along with the play.Functional strength needs to improve. Consistency.Letís see his work (#73 LT):More Martez Ivey videosHow He Would Fit On The RedskinsBy now you may be wondering ďWhy?Ē. It looks like Ivey got to Gainesville and stayed pretty much the same player he was in high school. While it is certainly a reflection upon him to me it is more damning to the competency of the coaching staff for a 5-star guy not to be developed technically. With no reports of Ivey lacking effort or work ethic there is something else afoot. I think there is a strong argument that can be made about how much Ivey can improve with professional help at the highest level. He needs to get stronger but almost all of his issues result in not having the technical proficiency to consistently succeed. Luckily you can study and practice that and get better. While some may not have the confidence I have in the Redskins offensive line coach I donít hold anything against Bill Callahan for not making Tyler Catalina an All-Pro. Callahan is known for getting offensive lineman technically ready. Other qualities like strength, football IQ, nastiness are largely up to the player to develop. For that reason I think a late round investment in a player like Ivey for positional depth isnít a terrible idea. If everything goes well he may start living up to his potential and very well may become a serviceable player in a couple of seasons. While I think it would be nice to continue to cross train Ivey at tackle and at guard I think his best fit on this team is inside especially if he improves his strength where he can use his size and improve leverage to open up holes in the run game.
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