How do I use chromecast on my TV?

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Get started with these simple steps:
Step 1: Plug in your Chromecast device. Plug Chromecast into your TV, then connect the USB power cable to your Chromecast. ...
Step 2: Connect your Chromecast device. ...
Step 3: Download the Google Home app. ...
Step 4: Set up Chromecast. ...
Step 5: Cast content.

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  1. DarleneCote's Avatar
    I have really no idea how to get this Chromecast on TV. I have referred writing blogs for the best tips on playing it. And follow the steps to play it on my TV. But I have failed to do that. Yeah you have listed the simple and best tutorial and how to play it with simple steps. Definitely I would like to give a try and have good entertainment.