What Novelties Will the New Patch Bring?

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What we realize about 3.7.0 patch to date is that melee combat get a full “makeover.” Ever since the game’s inception, melee combat in Path of Exile was obviously a bit lackluster. The disparity between spellcasters and in-your-face characters is more apparent since ranged skill gems are actually fine-tuned.

To remedy this, the developers are investing considerable efforts and dedicating a great deal more time to playtesting all the changes POE Orbs PS4 than ever before. Although the more information of the patch will likely be available on May 22nd, GGG has now hinted about what the changes will entail.

The mechanics that may likely be reworked involve accuracy, melee splash, leech, and fortify. Aside from this, we’ll probably see an updated Passive Tree, in addition to reworked Ascendancy classes. To make the melee playstyle more viable, the newest patch will likely include changes in the melee base types themselves. Additionally, the devs make an effort to make various movement skills more fluid. And last but not least, GGG intentions to increase the accessibility of melee damage mods on items.

Given this all, we are able to be hopeful concerning the future of Path of Exile. Ideally, all Ascendancy classes and skills are going to be equally POE PS4 Orbs enticing to both new and returning players, together with just as satisfying to learn.

Regarding the league itself, the developers remain to keep all of the behind closed doors. The only thing we're able to dig up is the fact that Cyclone will be a channeled skill, but it’s unclear whether that’s factually correct or perhaps another player speculation. Links