Everything that's new in Madden NFL 20

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For the second time this season, these two teams needed overtime, with Watson hitting DeAndre Hopkins for a 4-yard touchdown grab to give Houston the victory. Watson won this battle with Luck. The NFL’s leading rusher continued to eat, as the Seahawks’ defense saw Ezekiel Elliott run all over them to the tune of 196 yards. Cowboys don’t choke at home.

On the field, Madden's gameplay has never looked or handled better, and this is due in part to a new system EA calls Real Player Motion. One of the biggest pieces of this is the new "one-cut" feature for ball-carriers that allows them to change direction quickly and with a burst of speed to get around a defender. An appropriately timed cut, coupled with an acceleration boost, lets you make tight, fast, and precise turns that help you get through the line or to the edge when making runs. You can also perform hesitation moves that can make a big difference in those crucial moments when you see an opening or a gap, and it's thrilling to successfully execute a run, even if it's only for marginal yardage. Establishing the run game can be critical, and it's nice to see Madden 20 make running responsive, fun, and representative of what you see in real NFL games.

The story of Devin Wade and Colt Cruise continues with Longshot: Homecoming. Making it in the NFL is hard, and EA don't sugarcoat that at all in its story mode. Neither player is having a particularly good time of it. Wade is struggling to keep up with rival quarterbacks at the Cowboys, and Cruise isn't even signed to a team, waiting every day by the phone hoping for a tryout.

Stay tuned to Android Central as we provide additional coverage on Madden NFL 20, including guides on how to get started on Madden's Ultimate Team mode, as well as some gameplay tips to help you win more games. If you have any issues pertaining to wherever and how to use MUT 20 Coins for Sale, you can get hold of us at our own web page. EA has announced the cover star for the standard version of Madden NFL 19. It's Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown, who is making believers out of everyone with his consistency and rare skillset week in and week out. Here's what he had ot say about the pick: Earlier this week, EA Sports announced that seven (7) players would begin Madden NFL 19 rated 99 overall prestigious number for a video game whose ratings are watched more closely than any other sport’s. Seven 99s seemed like a really high number to me. I went back over 20 years worth of launch-day ratings and discovered that, yep, it is.