World of Tanks took its title quite literally

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In other Mercenaries news, Wargaming is happy to introduce fresh new armor options to bring to the battle the German Mauerbrecher VK 168.01 (P) and the French ELC Even 90. Available only until June 10, the Mauerbrecher sports thick armor and a powerful 128mm gun. This tank is a double threat with heavy armor to shield your team, and a gun capable of dealing massive damage. Available only until June 11, The ELC Even 90 is a light, mobile tank with excellent fire support perfect for scouting, or high-speed smash and grab attacks.

Additional Camouflage options have been added for tank lines from Czechoslovakia, Italy, USSR, and Germany, letting Commanders better customize (and hide) their favorite vehicles. Players will be able to take the new collection for a spin in the adjusted Map Rotation and face off on more equal terms, thanks to new Tank Balance Changes.

If you have just tried World of Tanks , at the initial stage you will be met with a tutorial called Boot Camp. After completing the Boot Camp along with all its missions you will get an attractive prize, which is a token that can be used for each Tier VI tank on the Tech Tree. If you first see World of Tanks that comes to your mind maybe is how complicated the mechanism of this game is. But in the lower tier-tier or public match you are guaranteed not to experience significant obstacles, because the gameplay seems easy too because control of World of Tanks actually feels smooth and really optimizes .

As a pioneer of tank-based MMO games, of course World of Tanks really puts forward all types of tanks in the world to the most imaginative point. Should you cherished this short article as well as you want to obtain more information concerning Cheap World of Tanks Gold kindly go to our site. Hundreds of tanks from the beginning of World War 2 to modern countries from each country making the tank are ready to be used and exploited by all players. However, as usual to reach the most powerful tanks, you are required to play from the start and buy new tanks based on the results of points and research on the tanks you want.

As part of this World of Tanks: Mercenaries update, players will see a return to a very popular game mode Commander Mode. Available from May 21 through May 27, this limited time mode provides an action-packed Real-Time-Strategy playstyle for fans who love on-the-battlefield strategy and tactics. Players will take control of multiple tanks, in an overhead isometric gameplay format, versus World of Tanks: Mercenaries traditional FPS-styled combat. Enhancements to Commander Mode consist of improved controls, including revamped mouse and keyboard controls, more tanks, the introduction of a new map (Berlin), and more.


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