What do you should know about Path of Exile: LEGION

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The next alliance in the Path of Exile, the Legion, is nearly at our side.
The path to exile has now been happening for quite some time, hence the alliances of such years have sprouted. Now, this is actually the name; yes, will probably be as awesome as being the previous ones, or more. So commence to reserve POE Currency and prepare for the Legion!

Simple and timeless

The reason the latest league is known as the Legion is really that this is exactly what you'll accept. Not one, not two, but five legions! Known because the field of permanent conflict for hundreds of years in trouble, you are going to release and subsequently fight the legendary, powerful army of Wraeclast's most robust military leader.

In order to defeat them, you need to first use Timeless Monoliths. Through them, you may be able to show and unblock monsters that were frozen with time. Defeating them will reward you. The harder the monster, the greater the reward. Even if a monster discards a certain item, you are going to be able to determine which monster has dropped a unique item by going through the icon on the top of the head. As for the alliance-specific projects, you can find incubators, and POE Currency Buy can replace the gears after killing a specific number of monsters.

In addition on the usual items falling, monsters from your eternal megalith can even produce debris. By combining them, the badges in the legion which they belong will probably be formed. Combining some different Legion logos will place you into a permanent conflict area. Once you finally unlock the upgraded map device, it is possible to finally take part in the Alliance's Main Event. Linsk


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