EA Sports is putting more effort towards building the NHL franchise

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The annual release of EA Sports NHL is just a few short months away, and it appeared at least for a little while that the first NHL 20 details had gotten out. Reddit on Sunday afternoon before quickly making the rounds on Twitter: a supposed email from EA Vancouver that includes plans for the game reveal this summer. Back in 2014, as the first NHL game from EA Sports on the current generation of consoles was set to launch, it had become known that the company had reassigned developers from NHL 15 to help with their first game with the UFC license. It was a decision that didnít sit well with critics and fans alike as it sent a message that the NHL series wasnít important to the company.

This past week NHL general managers gathered in one room to discuss the latest issues surrounding the league. The point of these meetings are for GMs to discuss problems in the NHL and determine solutions for improvement. This week, they discussed issues such as Milan Lucic hit on Ryan Miller and the Philadelphia Flyers tactic against the Tampa Bay Lightning, among others. The email also said that the game will finally make the move to the Frostbite engine as well as making a return to PC via the Origin service, joining the likes of FIFA Soccer and Madden NFL. With the jump to Frostbite, NHL 20 would also see the introduction of a brand new story based game mode known as The Rink.

In The Rink, players take control of a young player named Jacob Rhodes as they go from NHL hopeful to bonafide superstar. Now, five years later, EA Sports is putting more effort towards building the NHL franchise, starting with NHL 20. Persons close to the development of the game have told Sports Gamers Online that management added extra developers at EA Vancouver to assist with the build of NHL 20. This transition, according to one person with direct knowledge, took place shortly after the release of NHL 19 last September.

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