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The most difficult thing in a studentís life is to write an essay given by teachers with an absolute deadline. Such assignments are expected to be flawless, accurate and plagiarism free for an excellent grade. The biggest part of any assignment is to make sure that the plagiarism ratio is either very minimal or doesnít exist. Nothing in this world can beat the happiness of a student who becomes successful in submitting an assignment with zero plagiarism.

However considering this issue at a broader perspective, plagiarism is equivalent to stealing someoneís efforts and knowledge by copying it in your assignment with or without consent. In the field of academic writing plagiarizing work is going against the mentioned code of ethics which can result in heavy consequences. Copied information and paragraphs are still present on the internet from where it was extracted, and the plagiarism checker identifies it immediately. Plagiarism is not stated as a crime in the field of academic writing, but it can result in bearing penalties of copyright violation.

Students do paraphrasing to make it look like if the material is not copied. They donít recheck if the portion they paraphrased is making sense or not.

Students often get an assignment which is related to one of their previous task. They think that they can copy and paste from their previous assignments as they are not even on the internet and the plagiarism ratio will remain zero.

Sometimes students do cite the work of the author or the essay writer from which they took help in completing their assignment.

This is the most common and easily identified plagiarism. In this case, the student copy and paste the information with a single alteration and citing the source. This type of plagiarism is quite obvious and can be identified even without plagiarism.

However, students nowadays don't face the consequences of submitting plagiarized work because they assign the work to a professional. Such professionals are academic writers or freelance writers that guarantee accuracy as well as zero plagiarism.


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