Fire drill held in S China's Guangxi

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Martial Arts originated out of necessity. People had to defend themselves against humans and animals and the only weapons they had were their hands and feet. The battles fought by these individuals were for sheer survival Authentic Tremaine Edmunds Jersey , not belts or plastic tournament trophies. When confronting life and death struggles, the ancient warrior had to condition his body to take the brutal physical punishment his opponents dished out. He also had to skillfully maneuver in battle to minimize the physical damage to himself.

Martial Arts eventually came to the West and were taught by instructors trained under the "old school" system-toughen the body by exposing it to a brutal training which included lots of beatings during sparring. I personally witnessed this at the age of 14 when I took my first Karate class in the Dominican Republic. Students, regardless of rank, were pummeled mercilessly with no training on how to block or simply get out of the way of a ferocious attack. Don't get me wrong, these fighters were tough and could take a blow but at what cost?

There is brutality in many sports, especially combat sports. We've seen injuries, deaths, and the long-term effects of abuse on the body in Football, Boxing, Hockey, and Karate. And while at the professional levels in any sport, the competition is so good that it is impossible to avoid brutality, I must say I am very impressed with many of the fighters in the UFC!

The physical training they put themselves through allows them to take strikes that would kill an average man. As impressed as I am with the physical, mental, and spiritual preparation it takes to step into the Octagon, I am astounded at their skills in avoiding brutality. How is it that in over 18 years of MMA that none of these fighters have gotten seriously hurt or killed? It is because these fighters have trained their bodies to the maximum but they can also can move, avoid, slip, and escape; they have tremendous timing and blocking abilities.

The MMA fighters have brought Martial Arts training into balance. They are not only strong and conditioned athletes, but also admirable technicians skilled in the fighting arts. This is the essence of martial arts. This is what separates a martial artist from a street brawler.

So if you wish to be a fighter, build your body to the maximum, because it is inevitable that you will get hit and you need to be able to take it. But don't rely on your body (or face) to absorb all the abuse. Avoid kicks and punches to the head at all costs; block, move, slip, evade, fight intelligently! This will keep you in the sport longer, and you won't end up like Mohammad Ali when you retire!

LONDON, Sept. 13 (Xinhua) -- Britain's Defense Secretary Michael Fallon announced a 73 million U.S. dollar-contract Wednesday for an army of bomb disposal robots.

Fallon told the Defense and Security Equipment International (DSEI) Exhibition in London that the deal had been inked for 56 robots.

In a keynote speech, Fallon said the robots will be purchased by the Ministry of Defense (MOD) from U.S. robotics manufacturer Harris for use by the British Army.

Fallon outlined in his speech how the Harris T7 robots use "advanced haptic feedback" to allow operators to "feel" their way through the intricate process of disarming from a safe distance, protecting personnel from threats such as roadside bombs.

Fallon said: "With our rising defense budget, we are investing in the latest equipment for our armed forces to tackle the growing threats we face. These state-of-the-art bomb disposal robots will be powerful and reliable companions to our troops on the battlefield, keeping them safe so they can help keep us safe.

"Robots will never replace humans.It takes a soldier to search a house, calm a villager, win hearts and minds in a war zone. But we're letting the machines take the load so people can get on with hard work of saving lives."

The MOD said the robots will be equipped with high-definition cameras, lightning-fast datalinks, an adjustable manipulation arm and tough all-terrain treads to enable them to neutralise a wide range of threats.

"The haptic feedback function is designed to provide operators with human-like dexterity while they operate the robot's arm using the remote control handgrip," said the MOD.

The announcement comes after a competition between the world's leading manufacturers, organised by the MOD, with all of the new robots due to be delivered and in service by December 2020.

CEO for Defense Equipment and Support, the MOD's procurement organisation, Tony Douglas said: "This contract has been designed to deliver future-proof, world-leading technology."

The ongoing event in London has attracted 141 international delegates from 60 countries and regions.

DSEI showcases British business and innovation across security and defense.

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Fire drill held in S China's Guangxi

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