Promote Your Personal Brand to Enhance Your Career

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Companies and pro cv writing services are accurately aware of the value and importance of branding. When you see “Coke,” you immediately think of the soft drink. In fact, when you see the characteristic white script on a red background, you think “Coke.” That’s branding.

Do you have a personal brand?

Is there something that people automatically associate with you? Do you have a style, type of work, catchphrase, or something else unique that sets you apart?

Fortunately, it’s really easy to create and promote your personal brand. Doing so will refine your image and enhance your career. Here’s some ideas to consider.

Think up a brand

Like I mentioned above, this can be something simple like a color, a style of work, a type of writing, or some niche you specialize in. You’ve probably already got a brand, but you don’t think of it as such.
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If you’ve got a favorite color, you’re already halfway at your brand. Just think up something to put with it, maybe just your name, and you’ll be there.

Maybe you’ve got a nickname. This could be the key to your personal branding.

If you don’t get the gist yet, keep reading and it will become clear.

Make a business card

This is a front-line place to show off your brand. You’ll give business cards to potential employers, clients, and networking contacts. To help them associate you with your brand (the goal here), you’ll want to brand your business card.

For a silly example, think of Bob. His nickname is “Slim,” and he’s a lawyer. He could have a standard business card, just saying “Bob – Attorney at Law.” But he could really brand himself by having a card that says: Bob, the “Slim” lawyer. He’d probably come up with something a bit better, but you get the picture.

If Bob has a favorite color, he would also integrate that into his card. You don’t want too many elements for your personal brand, but a couple is great. Think back to our first example: Coke. It’s a word, with two colors. Think simple, and put it on your card.

Use stationary

Even in our digital age, we still use regular mail. Splurge a bit and get some custom stationary made up. You’ll need some basic letterhead and some simple thank you notes.

These don’t have to match your business cards, but they should further promote your personal brand. If Bob’s using his phrase of “the Slim lawyer,” he’d include that on his letterhead and thank you cards. Simple, right?

Start a blog

A great way to promote your brand in today’s world is through blogging. You can get a free blog from several different services. Or you can register a custom domain name and have a bit more control over your blogging.

The point is to carry your brand through your blog as well. This should be a professional outlet for you, a sort-of online resume. Consider getting as the domain. Then use your brand as the blog’s design. This is where your brand’s colors can be very useful.

Go forth and brand

This is only the tip of the iceberg for personal branding. But hopefully you’ve got some ideas to get started.

Branding will enhance your career, your name recognition, and your social networking. Promote your brand, and your career will benefit.
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