How to Stop Spam Emails By Microsoft outlook Support

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Tired of seeing junk mail? Here's how to Microsoft Outlook Support guide you to stop getting them, No matter how hard you try, you'll never be able to completely avoid junk or spam email. You can hide most spam emails in a Spam folder using filters, but some spam will still take up space or avoid being filtered out. There's no guaranteed way to eliminate all spam from your inbox, but here are a few ways to at least reduce the amount of spam you're receiving.

Common Causes of Junk Email
To really understand how to reduce junk email, you have considered the source of these emails, usually spammers, and the methods they use to flood you with spam emails.

One of the most common forms of spam you've probably experienced are commercial ad emails from legitimate retailers and other companies. Chances are, while signing up for a service or account with one of these companies, you may have also signed up for their weekly newsletters/circulars/or emailed coupons. Spam caused by you providing your email address to a legitimate company may be annoying, but it's usually harmless.

However, harmful spam emails do exist. They're usually sent by spammers and not by reputable companies. There are several ways spammers can get your email address, including purchasing (illegal) lists of email addresses stolen from internet service providers.

If you can't avoid publishing your email address where spammers can easily grab them, you can try to mask your email address by posting it as an image instead of text or use a disposable email address service.

How to Stop Spam Email


As we mentioned earlier, commercial ad spam from reputable retailers or other companies are generally harmless. If you're already receiving commercial ad spam from a reputable company and you want it to stop, here's how to unsubscribe from them.

To avoid getting more of these in the future, look out for an opt-out option for that company's marketing emails or newsletter when signing up for a website or service. It's usually a checkbox you can select to either opt-in or out of promotional emails.

<>Log in to your email account.
<>Open one of the commercial and emails you'd like to unsubscribe from.

Scroll to the bottom of the message and select the link to unsubscribe from further promotional emails. However, if you didn't subscribe to this promo email, delete the message instead. Selecting the link won't actually unsubscribe you from anything, and it may let a spammer know your email address is valid and ripe for receiving spam emails. Some email providers, like Gmail, may have their own unsubscribe button you can select. In Gmail, it's usually located to the right of the sender's name.

That's it!


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