Redskins Vs. Patriots - Studs and Duds Colt McCoy

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- McCoy was accurate and looked in complete command of a simplified offense. He was 13/18 for 189 yards and two touchdowns. Maurice Harris - Harris ran good routes Quinton Dunbar Jersey , caught everything thrown his way (including a 4 yard TD), and even showed some punt return ability.Robert Davis - Had 3 receptions for 35 yards and showed excellent RAC ability and good speed in limited action. Cam Sims - Sims did not catch a ton of passes in college, but he showed the ability Thursday night to beat coverage, and was dangerous after the catch. he hauled in a beautiful long pass in the second quarter which he made some nice moves and took it down to the three yard line. Byron Marshall - Not a ton of touches, but he shows how explosive he can be as a receiver out of the backfield. he had a nice touchdown catch where he broke a tackle and beat the defender to the endzone. Samaje Perine - Looked quick and powerful, especially on some plays that were not blocked extremely well. One nice run was brought back on yet another Kalis penalty. He did have a fumble in traffic though, that was not called. Matt Ioannidis - Ioannidis was a beast in limited action last night against the Patriots. He couldn’t be blocked one-on-one, and was even a menace when he was double teamed. Shaun Dion Hamilton - Had some splash plays, but also made some rookie mistakes. One thing that stood out though - this kid is very athletic. He’s not afraid to fill a hole. He did get de-cleated by Hill on a blitz, and dropped his head at the goalline and missed a tackle that could have saved a TD.Besides that, he showed out in both run support and coverage. This kids going to be good! Danny Johnson - I thought the rookie from Southern played very well, albeit against a pretty bland Patriots offense. He showed to be very active in coverage, making plays a few passes, and was not afraid to stick his head in the middle of the action to make a tackle, or come up to set an edge. Kenny Ladler - This kid is not afraid to come up and hit you! He looks like he was shot out of a cannon! Good game by the former Canadian star. Duds:Kyle Kalis - Three penalties and some inside pressures given up - not a good night at all for the backup guard fighting for a roster spot. Tyler Catalina - gave up two pressures Paul Richardson Jersey , and was not effective in the run game as a blocker. Geron Christian - Christian may have some potential for the future, but it was very clear Thursday night that he’s not yet ready for the speed of the NFL game. He struggled mightily when he was asked to block an edge rusher in space.John Kling - Sorry, but Kling is NOT an NFL offense tackle. He looked horrible, with extremely slow feet, against the Patriots reserves. Elijah Wellman - I counted at least three missed blocks - one on what should have been an easy blitz pick-up in the first quarter if he worked inside out like he’s taught. He also was called for holding on Guices’ long run. He did have a few catches out of the backfield, but it looks like our dream of keeping a true fullback may not happen. Ondre Pipkins - Just a HORRIBLE showing by Pipkins. He was unable to hold his ground in the run game. I counted a few times where he was driven 5 yards down field. It’s completely unacceptable to get driven 10 yards off the ball on third and short when the play in coming right at you! Fall the heck down...or something!Deshazor Everett - He did not play a ton in this game, but I counted two missed tackles where he seemed to just drop his head and lose sight of his target. Not a good showing for the veteran. Fish Smithson - Had a few missed tackles, and generally looked lost in coverage. It seemed to be easy to manipulate his position in coverage with a simple shoulder shrug. Notes:Zach Vigil - Maybe he’s just playing by the new rules, but I noticed a bunch of times he went low (and I mean VERY low - like around the ankles) on ball carriers, allowing them to fall forward for extra yards. Troy Apke - Had a nice pass defended from his deep safety position late in the second quarter on a 3rd down and long. He showed willingness in run support, with some ups and downs in tackling. Rob Kelley - It does look like the off-season weight loss paid off, as he looks much quicker this year.Matt Flanagan - He looked like the better option if the team does decide to keep a FB/H-Back.Casey Dunn - I thought Dunn played pretty well in reserve duty at center. he anchors very well when he gets his hands inside a defender. Jerod Fernandez - made some nice tackles, but also missed a few in space. You can see he’s more of a box player, as he looks very limited when matched up in space against a quicker player. Tim Settle - had some splash plays where he looked quicker than any player on the field at the snap of the ball. Then he had some plays where it looked like he was just going through the motions out there. Boy, you can see the potential though! He’ll need to be rotated quite frequently to keep him fresh. He did have a fumble recovery late in the game as well.The 5 O’Clock Club: What I learned this week... The 5 o’clock club is published Wednesday to Saturday during the season Pernell McPhee Jersey , and aims to provide a forum for reader-driven discussion at a time of day when there isn’t much NFL news being published. Feel free to introduce topics that interest you in the comments below.The Cardinals are bad.Really bad.The Colts are not the same as the Cardinals.Rod Marinelli outcoached Pat Schurmer.The Giants blundered by using the 2nd overall draft pick to draft Saquon Barkley.The Texans are not as good as I thought they would be.One team in the NFL is guaranteed to still be winless this time next week, and there could easily be 3 or 4 teams without a “W” going into Week 4.The Chiefs are better than I thought they would be.The Buccaneers are a lot better than I thought they would be, and Desean Jackson is officially an ‘Eagle Killer’.Why does that seem ironic?Going into Week 3, the Redskins are the only team with four receivers who were drafted with a top-40 pick.Why doesn’t that fill me with pride and confidence?’s Power Rankings have the winless Steelers ranked 16th. That’s criminal negligence from Harrison.The Bengals just might be pretty good, and the AFC North looks like a wide-open division this year.The Packers got robbed by a horrible penalty call that could end up costing them a playoff spot at the end of the season.The Jaguars are absolutely for real.The Redskins are the only team in the NFC East that has outscored their opponents in the first two weeks; they currently stand at +6. Eagles are second at 0.Somehow, the Giants & Cowboys, despite playing each other this week, have both managed to accumulate a negative points differential over 2 games.The Lions and the Bills have both given up 78 points through the first two weeks of the season, tied for worst in the league.Each team has a head coach who ‘made his bones’ as a high-profile defensive coordinator.Only the Cardinals (6) and the Bills (23) have scored fewer points through two games than the 28 scored by the Dallas Cowboys.I suck at playing Survivor football competitions.In a 3-life league, I have only one life left after just two weeks.“Business Friday” isn’t going to be a thing going forward, but for D.J. Swearinger, it’s Business Sunday every week.Matt Ioannidis and Jonathan Allen are good football players.After two weeks, the Redskins lead the NFL in two key defensive stats: total yards allowed and passing yards allowed.Don’t believe me?Note that 5 of the 10 defensive leader spots shown above are held by NFCE teams.Also, the Eagles rank first in rushing yards allowed.None of the NFCE teams is in the top 5 in the three key offensive measures (rush yards, pass yards Adrian Peterson Jersey , tot yards).Not sure what to make of all that.I don’t mind the Redskin offense taking ten yard underneath pass plays if that’s “what the defense is giving them”... but not when they’re down by two scores with less than 6 minutes to play.The Eagles, Redskins, Cowboys and Giants are closely grouped in total points scored, with ranks of 22nd for Philly, 25th for ‘Skins, and the two others tied for 27th.In Defensive scoring given up, the NFCE teams rank: Redskins 3rd, Cowboys 5th, Eagles 10th, Giants 12th.Aldrick Robinson must be a much better player than we thought he was.Elliott Harrison’s love for the Redskins is not unconditional.I must remember not to laugh at another team’s fan base for thinking their team has an opportunity to actually compete against the Redskins, or even win.They just might be right.Fan base mood swings are frightening.Things could always be worse; my father grew up in New York, and I could have grown up a Giants fan.So, what did you learn this week?
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