As the Steelers moved up in the first-round to select Devin Bush

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James Conner Jersey , Pittsburgh fans rushed to social media to give their opinion."WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections Latest NewsSteelers Film Room2018 NFL Draft AnalysisLatest NewsLatest NewsSocial media reacts to Steelers selection of Michigan linebacker Devin Bush in Round 1New,47commentsAs the Steelers moved up in the first-round to select Devin Bush, Pittsburgh fans rushed to social media to give their opinion.EDTShareTweetShareShareSocial media reacts to Steelers selection of Michigan linebacker Devin Bush in Round 1Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY SportsThe Pittsburgh Steelers first-round selection is in the books for 2019 and it should come as no surprise to learn that many members of SteelerNation had a strong reaction to the pick of Michigan linebacker Devin Bush. And while many players and fans seem happy with the pick, it appears that it is impossible to please everyone. For new teammate and fellow linebacker Vince Williams, it was pick he had seen coming long before the draft even started.A former first-round draft pick himself in 2017 , T.J. Watt was quick to welcome Bush to the team:Quickly followed by several of his teammates:The Steelers were keen to show of their latest addition:And while some fans were ecstatic with the pick:Some were less convinced:As always, there is someone who tries to kill the mood:The less said about the young linebackers choice of wardrobe on the day the better:Media reaction to the selection is also far more positive than it was last year when Pittsburgh took safety Terrell Edmunds:Steelers vs. Ravens, Week 4: Knee Jerk Reactions for Pittsburghís 26-14 loss to Baltimore Check out our Steelers Post-Game Show for more Steelers ĎKnee Jerk ReactionsíAs Week Threeís big win was a tale of two halves, I was nervous enough to pick against the Steelers in their rivalry game with the Ravens. It started off ugly again, so at this point I decided to shut my trap and react as the game develops and open the window to all of you. So if you want to know how my emotions fluctuated throughout the evening Womens Terrell Edmunds Jersey , keep on reading.Nonetheless, a simple reminder, a knee jerk reaction is an immediate and unthinking, emotional reaction. Itís basically shooting first and apologizing later. I can safely say thatís a true definition of yourís truly and a good lot of Steeler Nation. Hereís my real-time reactions during the Steelers first time in Tampa in eight yearsQuarter 1The Steelers really need to set the tone early with no points on the first drive.Artie Burns needs to and seems to know that this game is crucial to him.Nat Behre looked sad out there in coverage.Iíd be using Lamar Jackson a boatload if he was on my team.It looks like they are going to.Wise time out by the Steelers.Run defense is porous early.Confusion again on defense. Thatís unacceptable.Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty ImagesI was angered by that play before it resulted in a turnover. I like passing games that go past the chains. Vance canít let that stuff happen.This might be one of those nights when living in Maryland sucks for me.T.J. Watt thought right. He was being held.I would like to exclaim that what Iím seeing is unbelievable, but with this crappy defense鈥 unfortunately believe.If I wasnít contracted to write this article L.C. Greenwood Jersey , Iíd go to bed now,Running play on second and 20 when youíre down by 14 early...gotta throw out scripted plays. Are they even trying?Bostic might be better than Vince Williams.Hard to be happy about the stop when Haden got burned like he did there. Lucky with a capital L and a crapload of exclamation points.Play action works. I love JuJu.I betcha Eric Weddle has ticks in his beard.Ben likes Switzer.Glad that quarter is through.Quarter 2JuJu needs to protect that ball better.Three means nothing to me. Missed opportunity.Iíve been fighting it, but Terrell Edmunds kind of sucks.Sean Davis and Coty Sensabaugh with the big stick. Needed a big play on defense. Nice.Resign Jesse James.Conner canít really get started.Just Ben being Ben and JuJu being JuJu.Switzer has four grabs. Heís made Justin Hunter irrelevant.AB is clutch. Not trying to be a homer, but not seeing the foul on James.Seriously. Gotta get in on this drive.Ridiculous. End Zone. You gotta get in.I have no confidence on third and eight.Haden, great coverage. Watt Rocky Bleier Jersey , great pass rush on that stop.Vance is a freaking warrior. Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty ImagesThat might be the prettiest Ben to AB play thatís ever been.Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty ImagesIím echoing Chris Collinsworth, Big Al just came up huge on that TD.Iím really glad that this is a resilient football team. The fans give up early (including me), but they donít.They really needed a stop there. How did Bud not over run a play? Nice.VinnyVidiVici came up huge there.How is this game tied?Quarter 3Gotta come out smoking. Need a lead.Switzer is going to break one soon.Berry isnít overly sour tonight.Giving Flacco a lot of time. Too much.Theres a considerable drop off without Mike Hilton.A lot of you hate Collinsworth. I think he puts on a clinic every time he speaks.Too much small ball. Need to get in the end zone. Another missed opportunity.Berry is bad again.Wow. I thought they made that stop on third down.This is a useless challenge. Like the guts though.Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY SportsGreat coverage by Haden. Edmunds was lost though.Too many third and longs being converted. Gotta rush more than four dudes.Tucker never misses.Told you.Ravens havenít given up a second half TD all year. That string needs to snap now.Really? AB was open. Címon Ben.These 12-man penalties are nauseating.Scheming is horrendous.Sutton had a good stop.Quarter 4Anything less than third and 30 is going to get converted on this defense.I stand corrected. But here comes Tucker.James Conner runs after the catch with heart.The third down conversion rate is pitiful.Defense has to come up big here.Renegade magic needed.Unacceptable. Edmunds canít tackle.Do they know that theyíre allowed to blitz?This defense is a joke.No heart or imagination tonight with this team.Ben was so off. Maybe the offense was a joke tonight too.Too many problems to keep thinking that thereís an easy solution.Iím usually a Steeler apologist. No excuses tonight. as I replay the game more and more in my head, my perceptions and maybe my prescriptions will alter. But for now, you just got a glimpse of the first thoughts that popped in my mind while I was watching this game. Feel free to get your commentus maximus on in the section below.
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