Rumors: World of Warcraft is lowering the limit

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Whenever World of Warcraft expands, Blizzard will break the upper limit. It used to be only 60, and now there are 120. Although Blizzard has greatly accelerated the leveling process, it is a daunting number. Therefore, there may still be changes before the game is officially released.

Game director Ion Hazzikostas had previously proposed the idea of ??"horizontal extrusion." With 120 levels, Blizzard can't guarantee meaningful rewards after successful challenges at each level, but the fewer the number of each new level, the cooler the latest features it brings. So for most players, this game will become more interesting with this change, giving players more ideas to speed up their level.

When considering the upper limit of the change level - plus a higher level of experience change and the actual rating - Hazzikostas does not indicate that Blizzard has made a decision or may have any changes. However, according to the survey, “horizontal extrusion” is in progress.

Reddit user Nivens released a screenshot of the alleged World of Warcraft survey, which is responsible for lowering the ceiling. The content is about this proposal may be determined, but it will not happen. Blizzard asked:

Do you know that you will lower the maximum volume of 120 (ie Squish) for the foreseeable future?
Level Squish will slow down the overall level of access to modern game content. The new rating cap will be well below the existing cap of 120.

Although unfortunately, we can't know what the latest level cap may be, "significant reduction" means that it will not only cut 10 or 20, but the original 60 cap is unlikely, even if you can go back to the previous August Warcraft brilliant The era.

Since there are hardly any announcements, many of the reports have not been confirmed, so players should try not to believe too much of the gossip.
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    Okay, but it's just a rumors
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    Yeah, I heard similar things from the friends at wow boost as they have been constantly participating in the whole thing. We need to be more inclusive of those people.