Get Help with Vancouver Referencing Style in Australia

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While using the Vancouver referencing in text, it is imperative that you develop a thorough knowledge about the technicalities associated with it. Here’s a comprehensive guide to Vancouver in Text Referencing for you. Have a look:

Avoid the use of personal communication

Avoid the use of personal communication as a reference. However, there can be an exception if the information you are trying to provide is rare and essential (something which is unavailable from public sources).

Keep hard copies for your records

Even though the internet is a reliable platform in today’s world, certain websites tend to delete information or replace it. Thus, it is recommended that you keep a hard copy of the retrieved information for future reference.

Place citations carefully

You must consider placing the in-text citation numbers in your Vancouver reference work after a relevant and significant sentence. The most important part of this particular context is consistency.

Place reference numbers in parenthesis

Remember, references are supposed to be numbered consecutively, maintaining the order they were previously mentioned in. You should consider placing each of the reference numbers in parenthesis throughout legends, tables and texts.

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