6 reasons why you should check Albion online in 2019

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Since its release in 2017, Albion Online has undergone many changes. For those who have been away for a while, or who have never tried, we now list all the things that have happened in the game on the same list. From the extra features that provide a broader gaming experience to the far-reaching upgrades and improvements, here are some things you might miss.

Performance improvement
Since its launch, Albion's servers have been upgraded and optimized to greatly improve game performance, especially in large-scale battles with a large number of enemies.

Join one of the five royal city factions, then grab the enemy's outposts, conduct dangerous traffic missions, and gain faction points and exclusive cloaks to create resources and mounts.

You can now draw a line in the rivers, lakes, and oceans of Albion to capture fish and other aquatic life. Fishing adds cooldown and combat skills to new recipes, adding freshness to the collection, production, and in some cases. If you are lucky, you can even bring some valuable treasures!

Powerful player base
About 30,000 active users experience mega servers every month, and the world of Albion is changing. With the launch of several group activities, the next dungeon dive, the outpost raid or the open world war will follow.

Enter the Crystal Kingdom and compete for valuable rewards in the fierce 5v5 competition. Crystal Realm Battles provides a competitive potential for small and emerging GvG teams to penetrate new players into Albion's guild war scene.

Seasonal content
Earlier, we launched the GvG Seasonal and Monthly Adventurer Challenge. These products offer powerful mounts with exclusive clothing and furniture with exclusive rewards between fame and silver. Whether you are a less formal soloist or a hardcore guild, these seasonal challenges are for everyone.
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