Old School RuneScape'Kebos Lowlands's content update release

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With the update of Kebos Lowlands, the size of Old School RuneScape has once again become larger and brings a lot of content.

Jagex has released a different update called "Kebos Lowlands", which will be the first new area since the game was released, as Old School RuneScape implemented multiple platforms on iOS and Android in October. The Kebos Lowlands update provides players with new content in a variety of ways, a brand new killing dungeon where players can kill new monsters. Farm guild, two new missions, and new rewards.

With the launch of the Kebos Lowlands update continuing to the 2018 RuneFest, besides, the update has been very aggressively launched. Since Old School RuneScape is community driven, Jagex can provide it to the community and invite them to vote before each update is added to the game. If the experience is below 75%, no updates will be added to the game, and Kebos Lowland updates will receive an amazing 95% active support.

Matthew Kemp, senior product manager at Old School RuneScape, commented on the release of Kebos Lowlands, and he said "Today's release marks an important milestone for Old School RuneScape to become a new player in the field. Not just Kebos Lowlands released the sport's Zeah Continental, This is the first time we have expanded on so many platforms since our launch in 2013.

Old School RuneScape producer John Colgrave also commented on the update. “Mobile old skool RuneScape continues to grow substantially in the first few months since its launch. Today's Kebos Lowlands is the main multi-platform extension of the game. We are another milestone. Developers and the wider community celebrate. This is the most meaningful. MMO experience."
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