What distinguishes data cabinets from server cabinets?

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Data cabinets and server cabinets are an important part of setting up a server system but usually, people confuse one with the other. The said problem arises due to the fact that they both look very much identical and you can be forgiven if you go out and buy a server rack instead of a data cabinet or vice versa, such as the resemblance and usually, these mistakes occur when you physically go out and buy from stores. Buying online proves to be a better choice as you would know what you are buying, also you can get quality and cheap data cabinets online and same for server racks

Yes, there are similarities but that is as far as we will go and we would like to brief you on some important factors which distinguish a data cabinet from a server rack so you can choose wisely. However, we must know, for starters, what exactly are data cabinets and server racks and what their uses are.

So let us get into the purpose of the mentioned appliances

Data cabinet
Data cabinets or network cabinet, as they are also known as, are large storage used to store routers, patch panels and other networking equipment which go alongside. They are usually in between 2-3 feet, quite shallow as the equipment they store poses no thermal issues. They are covered by glass doors instead of perforated ones.

Due to its shallow nature, you may be required to buy a number of cabinets, so proper research must be carried out before you purchase data cabinets. And if you want to buy cheap data cabinets online then would be the right choice.

Server racks
Unlike the data cabinets server racks are much greater in size as for example the 42u server cabinets are almost 20 inches wide by standard and their depth is 36 inch which makes it somewhat bigger than a data cabinet but you can get server racks of other sizes to meet your requirements.

It stores equipment such as monitors, UPS and server systems. It has perforated door and ventilation system at the rear end to keep heat emitting equipment cool.

Differences between server racks and data cabinets
After reading above you must have identified a few major differences. Well, we will still list down the differences so you are completely in the clear.

One small difference between server racks and data cabinets is the different types of doors they harbor. Data cabinets are fitted with glass or a plastic door while on the other hand server racks have perforated doors.

Depth of both cabinets differs and the difference is somewhat macroscopic. Server racks have a greater depth than that of a data cabinet as the equipment stored inside the data cabinet does not need much space for ventilation and there are no heat emitting issues. But server racks have in them larger equipment which needs space to fit in and ventilation, which is why server racks are made of perforated material.

Check the dimensions, the doors, depth, and everything before you buy any of the two. And do remember to check your requirements before purchasing so you would know what you want.
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