These 4 Interview Mistakes Will Deprive You Of A Dream Job

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What if your interview for a dream job goes wrong just because a little negligence? Naturally, you will feel dejected and disappointed. There could be various reasons of interview failures and many of them are intertwined. It could be your failure to comply with dress code due to ignorance with company’s culture or wrong responses as you have not research background of the organization.

When you are called for an interview, you become one of many candidates contending for a job position. Take it as an opportunity to prove yourself and shine out others with your preparations. When you show a flaw or lack of preparation, you are in fact revealing yourself as a careless and irresponsible person. This is also the case when i don’t want to write my essay, but the teacher requires the essay to be delivered on time. You must believe in your strength and your training.

There are some interview mistakes that tend to occur most of the time. Some of them are as follows:

1. Not Knowing About The Company

Most often, job seekers appear in a job interview without prior research of the company. Ultimately, they only embarrass themselves by giving the wrong answers. Without any background knowledge of an organization, you cannot convince the interview panel about your place in their organization.

Remember that a job interview is very much like an oral exam where you will be marked for your knowledge (including background information of employer). Interview panel will look forward from you some serious thoughts regarding history of their organization. So, if you lack enough knowledge of their business and future goals, you will fail to prove your compatibility in their organization.

Ultimately, you will lose a job opportunity that could have been availed with little research. Therefore, it is important that you trace history of an organization before you claim to be its stakeholder.

2. Being Desperate For Job

Oftentimes, job seekers cannot hide their urge for a job which translates into their body language and mannerisms. Many job seekers are in need of urgent employment due to a financial crisis. By force of their misery, they tend to reveal their inner excitement which goes against them.

Showing your anxiety for a job can give a wrong signal to an interviewer. When you behave desperately for a job, the interviewer becomes cynical of your intentions. If you think you really deserve a job, you do not need to feel excited and get carried away. Just remain calm and composed and everything will work your way up to success.

3. Bitching About Previous Employers

Sometimes, job candidates say nasty things about their previous employers which turn out in bad taste. They take it as an opportunity to vent out their grudges for a previous colleague or boss.

When you badmouth about any of your employers, you are in fact exposing your lack of tolerance. Conversely, you are also showing your inability to accept people as they are. Instead of discussing the bad things of a previous coworker, you should utilize your time to stress all the good things that make you a team player.

4. Wearing Outrageous Attire

Job seekers, especially freshers, wear attire that totally reflects them in a wrong way. Due to their ignorance with professional norms and work environment, they tend to make this mistake more often than not.

Your clothing speaks volumes about your personality. When you are in a job interview, your attire should complement the dress code of that organization. Shorts, singlet, worn out jeans or flip-flop are a big ‘no’ for a job interview. Check out the dress code of a company by calling its ‘Human Resources’ department. To be on safe side, it is always better for males to wear a two-piece suit while a skirt with a blouse or blazer will do for the females.
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