"Path of Exile" PS4 development completed, released in mid-March continues in the pla

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The path from the exiled developer Grinding Gear Games updates the upcoming PlayStation 4 version of the game and indicates that development on the platform has been completed and the release date is expected to be announced.

After several delays in the PlayStation 4 version, the overall game was released on the December 2018 window, and after the February estimate was further reduced to 2019, the new version of the action and the time frame showed some comprehensibility. Uncertainty. According to a previous statement by POE Chaos Orb Grinding Gear Games, it must appear in mid-March, and the developer shared another update of the company's release time to ensure that the PlayStation 4 owner's previous plan still exists.

Since it is not far from March, Grinding Gear Games will post tweets about the official "Exiles" account to announce the release date of each game update.

The way of exile: The synthesis mentioned in the tweet above is usually a reference for the next expansion of the game you released in early March. Details about the extension can be seen in the trailer at the top, and the extension site says it will be available for POE Currency the Xbox One PC version on March 8th and March 11th. Just like the release in the actual game, the page said that the compositing will be broadcast on the PlayStation 4 in mid-March.

The road to exile does not currently have an accurate release date for PlayStation 4, but when we enter March, we will review the announcement in the next few weeks.