3d design

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Hey, do you create templates to design something by yourself, or do you buy it?
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  1. RogerRog's Avatar
    It depends. For example, I'm good at creating blueprints of furniture, houses, planes, and if I need it for a project, I draw them myself. But if I need something more complicated, I buy it, but only those templates which can be modified.
  2. imraja's Avatar
  3. Jactiben's Avatar
    I prefer buying; I'm not a painter or designer. I'm a developer. I tried a few times to create a blueprint of a Dodge(I needed it for my project), but it was just a wasting of time. You need to be a real professional to create a quality and detailed one. So, since that time I only buy drawings. Every blueprint I buy only on this site because it always has correct sizes such as length, width, and height. And have a variety of compatible versions. What is more, they run a refund policy, so have a guarantee to receive everything you've paid for.