How to Reset Windows 10 Password in PC

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Stuck while accessing your computer and looking out for the easiest way for your windows password recovery? You are at the right place; we provide you the simple and straightforward steps to change Windows 10 password (if you think it has been compromised) or Windows password reset (if you have forgotten the same). By implementing our given solution provided by our round the clock available Windows 10 support team, Windows 10 password change would be no more difficult for anyone, including a novice.

You might also be asked to answer a few security questions to validate your identity. Answer them all correctly to proceed further. Click the link received on your given email address or phone number, enter the new password twice, and you are good to go. The newly entered password will be required to provide during your Account Live login. If you need further assistance, contact our account live password reset support team.

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  1. dibiya's Avatar
    I have gone through your blog and came to know about the step for changing the passwords Hosting Provider Reviews. I think i could follow your steps to do the changes. Try to share more such and information.
  2. kelly23's Avatar
    We do want to know how to delete temporary files in windows 10 easily here.