Le’Veon Bell is the latest ex-Steeler

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to slander Big Ben Roethlisberger."WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections Latest NewsSteelers Film Room2018 NFL Draft AnalysisLatest NewsLatest NewsFeatures and Long FormSteelers Stock Report: It’s okay to think the ‘Killer Bs’ are flat out wrongNew Alejandro Villanueva Jersey ,27commentsLe’Veon Bell is the latest ex-Steeler to slander Big Ben Roethlisberger.EDTShareTweetShareShareSteelers Stock Report: It’s okay to think the ‘Killer Bs’ are flat out wrongPhilip G. Pavely-USA TODAY SportsBen Roethlisberger has delivered two Super Bowls to Pittsburgh—and given the collective aptitude of the remaining component parts of the Steelers roster, and that Roethlisberger himself is still playing at an extremely high level, it is not outside the realm of possibility that he wins a third as his career moves toward its eventual twilight. Barring some obscenely fortuitous circumstances in an upcoming draft, he’s the best Steelers quarterback I will see in my lifetime. What I’m getting at is that Big Ben is perceived as a legitimate folk hero, and as such, he’s unassailable and beyond reproach. His former contemporaries...not so much. Antonio Brown’s departure from the Steelers was clearly foretold first by what were at the time a series of out-of-character exploits and then ultimately by dumping on Roethlisberger, head coach Mike Tomlin, and general manager Kevin Colbert as part of a month-long bridge-burning media tour. The onset of Le’Veon Bell exodus was less sudden—we knew Bell and the Steelers were headed for a divorce from the moment he declined to sign with them long-term last summer, so Bell signing with the Jets earlier this month was merely the actualization of an anticipated reality—and Bell’s public sentiment had been largely bereft of the acrimony that Brown exhibited. However, speaking to Sports Illustrated’s Jenny Vrentas, Bell was almost refreshingly direct, indicating that Roethlisberger “was a factor” in his decision to leave the Steelers and subtly denouncing the team for restricting his personal liberties. These are interesting points, so let’s actually grab them and expand on them a bit. Stock up: Blaming the quarterback for stuffErstwhile Steelers teammates casting aspersions on Ben Roethlisberger is absolutely nothing new—in addition to Brown’s and Bell’s recent critical remarks, former running back Josh Harris claimed that Big Ben fumbled a handoff intentionally to protest play-call with which he disagreed and Hines Ward, who played with Roethlisberger for a decade, once suggested that Ben ought to make some revisions to his leadership style. Now John Stallworth Jersey , I’m not here to tell you that four negative opinions from four former teammates should serve as damning indictments of Ben Roethlisberger The Teammate, because they shouldn’t, but at a certain point it’s worth acknowledging that numerous parties decrying Roethlisberger, particularly his laurels as a teammate and team leader, cannot be entirely coincidental. With that, I proffer this take: You—whether you be a fan of the Steelers, a general Football Knower, or a follower of dramatic goings-on—can think that Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell are contentious bridge-burners who have absolutely no business calling the qualifications of a teammate into question and you can think that Ben Roethlisberger is a crummy teammate. These are not mutually exclusive concerns. Here is my take/conspiracy theory: Yes, Bell and Brown both probably sincerely think Ben Roethlisberger sucks as a person, and there probably is veracity to their statements about Ben’s character, but I believe both are merely deploying him as a convenient talisman in order to distract everyone from the fact that their primary foci was simply getting wealthier. Stock up: Blaming the city/organization for stuffConsider this compelling vignette from the SI interview: If the pronoun usage here strikes you as somewhat ambiguous, jump in line. To me, it seems as if Bell’s indicating that “they” refers to the Steelers, and that “they” treated him more as a roster constituent than as a person whose existence extended far beyond the confines of the training facility. Which, you know, duh. Some of the most valuable brands on the planet are underpinned by nameless workforces. There is a zero percent chance that Jeff Bezos gives even the remotest damn about how well Lenny from accounting did in a weekend golf tournament; he’s concerned only with Lenny’s tangible contributions to Amazon. People are commodities Jordan Berry Jersey , and the teams that understand and abide by this principle (i.e. the Patriots) are generally the ones who reap the greatest spoils. Obviously, the Steelers will never come out and say Hey, instead of playing video games in your spare time, why not come to the facility to get another lift in?, but you can be rest assured they’re thinking it. To be clear, this is not to specifically disparage the Steelers—every team in the NFL thinks this way, and I’d wager that every moneymaking enterprise in existence would enthusiastically welcome their employees to put extra, unpaid work off the clock. With that said, Bell later clarified on Twitter that the “they” to which he was referring was actually broadly the “city”, presumably the local media horde and fan base, and I’m inclined to believe him (especially considering the clarification came in the form of a reply to a tweet from a prominent member of Pittsburgh’s local media contingent). The Steelers, in addition to being historically wildly successful and incredibly profitable, have capitalized masterfully on the cultivation and dissemination of a particular product; namely, a smash-mouth rushing attack, ironclad defense, no-nonsense coaches David DeCastro Jersey , humble stars, and role players willing to sacrifice their individuality for the betterment of The Team. “Steelers football” is as much a namesake as it is an identity, and the Steelers’ brand equity depends significantly on having personnel in place that reflects this identity. When the now-extinct Killer Bs Steelers were setting scoreboards aflame, some pockets of the fanbase still took umbrage with this outfit’s lack of decorum. You’d never see JACK LAMBERT gallivanting about the end-zone like some daggum ninny! Even JuJu Smith-Schuster, who is essentially the human embodiment of a golden retriever, has gotten crapped on for spending too much time playing video games, for godssakes. Of course, none of this is to suggest that fans and media should cool it in order to coddle and appease star players. Professional athletes, by virtue of their trade, lay themselves bare to all matter of vitriol, and dealing with it—or, in most cases, ignoring it—is a necessary aspect of the job. The fans and media very probably did play somewhat of a role in Brown’s and Bell’s departures, and while I oftentimes find myself embarrassed by the behavior of Steelers fans and bothered by how catty and sycophantic the local media can be, I believe that, if Brown and Bell can’t handle that kind of heat Chukwuma Okorafor Jersey , good riddance. The Raiders are widely renowned for their loyal, understanding, and levelheaded fan base, and everyone knows that New York’s media machinery is among the tamest and least strident in the country. I’m sure both will do just fine. Stock up: My faith in the defenseThe Steelers signed an honest-to-goodness three-down linebacker! What’s most compelling about Mark Barron, who the Steelers plucked from the free agent trash heap last week, is that he’s a converted safety, meaning that he figures to be the ideal pass-stopping complement to Vince Williams. That said, Keith Butler is still the defensive coordinator, so my expectations are tempered. Three contributions at BTSC share their mock drafts for bragging writes over the other two."WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections Latest NewsSteelers Film Room2018 NFL Draft AnalysisLatest NewsLatest News2019 Mock Draft Database2019 NFL Draft: Pittsburgh Steelers First Round Mock Draft ChallengeNew,31commentsThree contributions at BTSC share their mock drafts for bragging writes over the other two.EDTShareTweetShareShare2019 NFL Draft: Pittsburgh Steelers First Round Mock Draft ChallengeTroy Taormina-USA TODAY SportsI’ve always said you should never trust a fart and never really take stock in a mock draft. No one truly knows what information is valid and what is strategically leaked. Plus, a lot is pure speculation from guys typing on their keyboards in their underwear. Anybody could write down names on a page and guess what an NFL scouting department and front office (who have been concentrating on this day for an entire year) are thinking. In that spirit, three writers at BTSC decided to throw their hats, berets and fedoras in the ring and attempt one on their own. It was way more difficult than ever imagined. To determine which of the trio could undeservedly call themselves BTSC’s “draft guru”, a point system has been developed. One point for the correct pick, 1⁄2 point for the correct pick at the position but the team is different and 1⁄2 point if the mock trade is correct. As always feel free to discuss and dissect in the comment section. Anthony Defeo1. Arizona Cardinals: QB Kyler Murray - Oklahoma Cardinals spend high pick on quarterback for second straight year.2. San Francisco 49ers: EDGE Nick Bosa - Ohio StateWorst kept secret in the draft. 49ers look to improve their defense with perhaps the draft’s top prospect.3. New York Jets: EDGE Josh Allen - Kentucky The Jets have themselves a running back. Now they need to think about defense. 4. Oakland Raiders: DL Quinnen Williams - Alabama Despite the rumors that Jon Gruden loves Dwayne Haskin, the Raiders go with defense.5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: ILB Devin White - LSUThe first Devin goes off the board to the dismay of Steelers fans with serious pipe-dreams.6. New York Giants: DL Ed Oliver - Houstoninstead of Eli’s heir apparent or Odell’s replacement Ramon Foster Jersey , NY goes with a solid defensive pick.7. Jacksonville Jaguars: TE T.J. Hockenson - IowaThe Jaguars can’t run to the podium fast enough to take a player who could help their very anemic passing attack. 8. Detroit Lions: DT Rashan Gary - Michigan One of the nation’s best prospects coming out of high school stays in the state of Michigan.9. Buffalo Bills- CB Greedy Williams - LSUBills take a gamble on a corner who may turn out to be this draft’s best.10. Denver Broncos: QB Drew Lock - Missouri John Elway takes yet another stab at finding his own replacement with someone not named Peyton Manning.11. Cincinnati Bengals: QB Dwayne Haskins - Ohio StateWith the other Devin still on the board, the Bengals go with for the box office attraction and an Ohio State quarterback.12. Green Bay Packers: EDGE Montez Sweat - Mississippi State Instead of going with the other Devin, they get a great value pick on defense.13. Miami Dolphins: WR D.K. Metcalf - Ole MissBoom or bust say many about this gifted receiver. The Dolphins are hoping for boom.14. Atlanta Falcons: OL Jawaan Taylor - FloridaThe Falcons give Matt Ryan some protection.15. Washington Redskins: EDGE Brian Burns - Florida StateThe Redskins may not need a pass rusher, so this is a very Redskins move. 16. Carolina Panthers: CB Mississippi.16. Pittsburgh Steelers (Proposed Trade with Carolina): ILB Devin Bush - MichiganIt could take a three and a five, but that’s fine with Steeler Nation to get a three-down backer with speed to go sideline-to-sideline, the ability to covers tight ends and hit hard.17. New York Giants: EDGE Clelin Ferrell - Clemson Ferrell has dropped as of late, but it’s great news for the Gothamites. The dominant defender from Death Valley lends his pass rushing skills to the Giants.18. Houston Texans (Proposed Trade with Minnesota): OL Andre Dillard - Washington StateIncluding the playoffs, Deshaun Watson was sacked a whopping 65 times in 2018. Dillard Is a prototypical left tackle and could help keep Houston’s franchise QB off of the shelf.19. Tennessee Titans: TE Noah Fant - Iowa The Titans have holes in their holes to fill. Fant adds a playmaker to the offense.20. Carolina Panthers (Proposed Trade with Pittsburgh): DT Rashan Gary - MichiganI have the talented Gary losing momentum late in the process. This is a gift for the Panthers defense after trading down.21. Seattle Seahawks: DT Christian Wilkins - ClemsonSeahawks have lost a lot of talent on defense. Wilkins adds to the defense formerly known as the Legion of Boom.22. Baltimore Ravens: WR A.J. Brown- Ole MissWith a poor receiving stable, the Ravens don’t pick a Bama star the time. However, they stay in conference with possibly the most productive WR of the past two collegiate seasons.23. Minnesota Vikings: OL Cody Ford (Proposed Trade with Houston) - OklahomaThe Vikings add the powerful Sooner to address a pressing need.24. Arizona Cardinals (Proposed Trade with Oakland): WR Marquise Brown- OklahomaAt 5’9”, AB’s cousin doesnt have ideal size. However, Hollywood is a game breaker that can be crazy good for the firm of Rosen/Kingsbury.25. Philadelphia Eagles: RB Josh Jacobs - Alabama Phily needs a top-tier runner to get back to a championship and they get one that is used to playing for one.26. Indianapolis Colts: CB Greedy Williams - LSUGreedy has dropped lately for his supposed poor tackling skills, but Colts reap the benefits of his superb size and coverage skills.27. Oakland Raiders: CB Byron Murphy - Washington The Raiders merge into the Huskie’s lane and add a solid corner but without good size and great speed.28. Los Angeles Chargers: OL Garrett Bradbury - NC StatePhil Rivers gets sorely-needed protection from a guy that gets great leverage that most centers don’t get.29. Seattle Seahawks: EDGE Chase Winovich - Michigan After trading Frank Clark to KC, the rising Wolverine fills his shoes in the Emerald City.30. New York Jets: WR Hakeem Butler - Iowa StateThe extra-pick by the mock trade with the Packers gets Sam Darnold a big weapon for his arsenal. 31. Los Angeles Rams: DT Dexter Lawrence - ClemsonLawrence free falls, but lands on a d-line that seems tailor-made for his services.32. New England Patriots: WR N’Keal Harry - Arizona StateTom Brady needs a big-play guy and the 6’2” Harry fits the bill.There you have it. How many will we get right or wrong? Lets have fun with this and enjoy the draft.
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