Elder Scrolls Online hosts the largest competition in Cologne

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Dear fans of Elder Scrolls Online need to pay attention, Elder Scrolls Online will hold the largest competition in Cologne, which means it will meet the world's largest ESO players. Many players have expressed great expectations long before because this will be a player who can make many friends with common language and hobbies at this party.

Bethesda Game Days will launch an off-site party for players to Buy ESO Gold enjoy food, drinks and, most importantly, the player's favorite Elder Scrolls Online developer will also attend the party. If you are lucky, you will rub shoulders with him. And too.

The attendees may be Game Director, Matt Firor, Creative Director, Rich Lambert, Dungeon Lead, Mike Finnigan, Community Manager Kai Schober and more.

If you are performing in Cologne or living nearby, you can participate. But be sure to send an email to Elder Scrolls Online Gold Bethesda before you join, and let them pass your authentication. The following is the specific method of operation
Sign up by entering your favorite real name and platform into community_de@bethsofteurope.com. The event is open to adults over 18 years of age.

If you can't participate, Bethesda can share highlights through social networking sites, so be sure to keep an eye on your fun and don't forget to check it out here because it covers the most important and best products offered by ESO Tavern.
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