Teenagers, Stay Away from Internet!

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The Internet and computer technologies have become an integral part of people’s lives. The facilitation of the Internet appliance was determined by the development of technology and ability to use wireless communication facilities. In addition, people nowadays can easily access the Internet with cell phones and other devices with simple ppt presentations. Thus, the Internet usage has been integrated into everyday people’s lives. The technology represents a number of positive effects on society such as distribution of information or some others. However, the Internet remains a threat for teenagers whose psychological and physical state contributes the development of addiction from online games, online chats, and social networks.

According to the general classification, a teenager is defined as a person whose age is between 13 and 19 years. Teenagers remain the most vulnerable group in society. Because of the psychological peculiarities of their development, they are more likely to be influenced by the negative impact of the Internet. Teenagers are often characterized as the youth with the unstable emotional state. The teenage period is considered a period of the transition from being a child to becoming an adult. Besides this, young people try to find their place in society and realize their feelings and attitude towards the surrounding environment. As a result, the usage of the Internet increases the phenomena of alienation, isolation, and depression among the teenagers.
Because of the fact that internet games and chats are full of adventure, excitement, and romance, many teenagers cannot refuse from the participating in such activity. The Internet violent games usually include fight and violence scenes, which can be similar to the real life. Excessive playing of online games blurs the border between the virtual and real worlds. In addition, teenagers’ thoughts and emotions get more intense and more violent. Once their real life experiences are similar to the online violent emotions and the environment, it is easier for them to lose their mind. They may not hesitate to apply the virtual game behavior to the reality of interpersonal conflict, what leads to a tragedy. This is one of the important factors of the occurrence of juvenile crimes.

There is an opinion that the usage of the Internet can help to relax and stabilize the emotions of teenagers. Indeed, if the young people are able to control the usage of the Internet, it is possible to regulate their psychological and intellectual peculiarities. In fact, many teenagers cannot control the frequency of their online sessions. They spend too much time and energy on the internet, thus their studies are affected. As a result, the psychological pressure on a teenager even increases. In the article “Obsessed with the Internet: A Tale from China”, the author Christopher S. Stewart provides an overview of a real story of a boy, an internet addict, cured by Qihang camp. The story proves that the Internet can easily crush a teenager’s willpower.

The Internet represents one of the most convenient ways of sharing and transition of information as well as one of the most popular means of leisure. As a result, while during the 1990s the amount of the Internet users was approximately 40 million, in 2013 the number grew to more than 2.6 billion people. In addition, teenagers are the most active users of the Internet. About 90 percent of teenagers can be found online often. Usually, they use the Internet to visit web pages of various TV shows, playing games, communicating within the social networks, and finding information. Among two most widespread types of technology applied by the teenagers are cell phones and the Internet. Since the majority of teenagers worldwide have an access to the Internet at homes, schools, public libraries, it is obvious that the technology influences their lifestyle.

Indeed, the Internet provides an opportunity of easy access to any kind of information. According to the researches, about 95 percent of the existing information can be found on the Internet. At the same time, there is a problem with easy access to information among teenagers. Despite useful data, there is a great variety of the examples of violence and fraud on the Internet. Another threat of the Internet is represented by the great availability of vulgar information. The Internet is often overloaded with the displays of pornography and acts of cyber-bullying. This kind of information destroys the morality and psychological state of the teenagers. It is determined by the fact that the data available online is lawless, unreliable and lacks the reliability. Because of the lack of knowledge and experience, the teenagers cannot differentiate the real and unreal information. The availability of the pornography web pages causes children to experience sexual disposal. As a result, the teenagers are threatened with the possibility to develop sexual addiction. In addition, pornography and other related information promotes irresponsible sex. In addition to this, teenagers are often subjected to pedophilia on the Internet. It is determined by the fact that it is easier for valiant to find a potential target on the Internet. Thus, this contributes the increasing of the facts of kidnapping and cyber-crimes targeted at teenagers.

An increasing number of teenagers engage in online chat and online dating. At the same time, they do not know each other's identity, the character of other side and even the gender. Making friends online often results in falling into the trap designed by others, losing money, and even losing one’s life. These cases frequently occur in different places.

Teenagers’ mental health is also under the threat because of usage of the Internet. For example, the children who excessively use the Internet experience difficulties with making friends in the real world. According to the position of psychologists, the teenagers who spend a lot of time online on Facebook demonstrate antisocial behavior and aggression. In addition to this, the extensive usage of the Internet makes teenagers more vulnerable to the occurrence of anxiety, depression, and different kinds of psychological disorders. Thus, the teenagers who are increasingly dependent on the Internet are twice as likely to be more depressed as other young people. In addition, the excessive usage of online social networks often results in decreasing of offline social interaction.

The Internet also offers a great amount of various games. As a result, instead of playing outdoors, teenagers spend time playing online games. Subsequently, children lack the physical activities and become vulnerable to different diseases and depressions. For example, sitting in front of the computer significantly damages eyes, and imposes additional strain on neck and shoulders. In addition, it is more dangerous for the teenagers, as the development processes are still taking place.

Thus, the Internet has become a new and effective tool of the information transmission. Besides this, the Internet and computer technologies are becoming more and more popular among societies. The spread of technologies is determined by the number of benefits such as high speed, wide range of content, open environment, and diverse functions. As a result, nowadays the Internet represents an integral part of people’s lives. While teenagers are the most active users of the Internet, it affects them the most. At the same time, this influence is negative in the majority of cases. In particular, teenagers are exposed to the violence and pornography that can be found on the Internet. Instead of being integrated into real life, they remain attached to the virtual reality. In addition, spending time online results in occurrence of psychical and psychological disorders as well as decreasing of educational capacities. The Internet usage also significantly reduces the time that teenagers are supposed to spend with the friends and families, studying or doing physical activities. Thus, in order to prevent the negative impact of the Internet on the teenagers, the young people have to stay away from it. In addition, adults have to control the usage of the Internet by teenagers.
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