How to Change and Reset Microsoft Account Password?

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Account Live is a single place to view, organize, and manage all your application software and products. By creating an account, you can check the subscription details and other crucial info of the products and services you are availing. At any time, if you forget your Account Live password, then you can simply visit to recover your account. Here, you will be first asked to provide your registered email address or phone number. Enter the same, and follow further instructions displayed on the screen to receive an account live password reset link.

For Windows Password Reset Help-

Dial our Windows 10 support number to speak to our professionals and get an immediate solution to change windows 10 password or reset the same to access all your data back again. If you think you would not be able to fix the issue by applying the solution, then our team can do the same on your behalf over a highly secured remote connection.

Read full steps here - change windows password

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For any help, contact our support services: 1888-315-9712
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  1. jennifer247's Avatar
    Thank you for share this article. I search a lot answer to this question but I didn't get. I am happy to see this article. hostsailor In this article, the author clearly explained how to change and rest Microsoft account. After reading this article I easily change my password.
  2. JennDay's Avatar
    First of all, you have to go to "Recover your account" section, type your e-mail address, phone number or Skype address that is linked to your Microsoft account. Choose a phone number or e-mail address where you'd like to get your security code. Fill in the required info to verify it's you who wants to change the password. Then, select "Send code" and after you've received it, insert it into "Verify your identity". Reset your password by typing the new one, then re-enter it to confirm.
    Updated 08-01-2019 at 07:20 AM by JennDay