MapleStory M launches new Evan Class and Mini-Games

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MapleStory M is a free massively multiplayer online mobile game for iOS and Android. In addition to new mini-games and seasonal events, there is also the addition of the new Magic Dragon Master. As the last descendant of the Dragon Lord, Evan's mission is to tame Mil, and the last one has a powerful dragon.

The skills of the Dragon Masters include summoning Mill to fight, launching Mil's Dragon Howler at the enemy, and flying freely on its back. In addition to the revolutionary curriculum, MapleStory M also launched a game console with four mini-games. Players can earn coins in Cheap Maplestory M Mesos
the mini-game rewards and get items in the mini-game store.

MapleStory M also brings unprecedented special character events and festivals to players. Details are as follows:

Evan Burning Event - Evan character is between 3 and 75, and will receive a 2 reward each time he upgrades to level 1.
Evan Update Celebration - All players will receive special rewards, including Buff Pets to help play the game
Evan Growth Support Event - Special Growth Support Box, which includes 3 stages of "Dragon Mountain", Evan exclusive chairs and medals, as players upgrade to the new Evan level
Christmas Tree Decoration - Players can decorate the Christmas tree with decorations to get Tree EXP rewards
New Year's Attendance - Players who log in for Maplestory M Mesos for sale
two weeks at any time during the event will receive unique accessory raffle tickets, equipment support boxes, pets, and other rewards.
Golden Pig Dice Activity - During this event, players can earn special rewards by rolling dice to celebrate the Golden Pig Year
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