Included as well Maple story M Mesos

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Included as well Maple story M Mesos because in my honest opinion berserkers can be easily the most broken character in maplestory 2 right now with the frankly just draw back being that they're purely melee combat array, and also that wont be staying for extended after the next 2 skill tree's come out at the NA servers giving the berserker a few mid-long range aoe attacks? .

I'm likely to comment this ,meso are pretty easy to get, make a couple characters make them level 50 perform the"get rich" daily missions, everyday do your 10 dungeons on each and every personality,(30 a week each character) each 5 dungeons you get a purple box, open the purple box that you get meso. The thing is, non tradable weapon upgrade substance will be dropped by those boxes. When you're doing your dungeons

30 for your week, you'll be getting lots of Blues to drop instead of selling those just dismantle them in to update substance. This upgrade material will be tradable or sellable. It will always sell. If you are not attempting to rush to the chaos raids in November and also you shouldn't need to be concerned about having a lot of upgrade materials the ones you receive from the purple boxes ought to be enough to update your own stuff.

Given how this video is structured, half being what is bound and what isn't, in this process it seems as tho it's made to address starters and beginners (nothing to it, it's made well for just that). Majority of current MS2 players are veterans, they know the little details and vocabulary so they might prefer a more'to the stage' strategy (which is likely where the 3 horn downs came from). It is a good thing that the tittle says fast rather than quickest/best-est cause then people would flock you together with retorts and hints. Now, personallyI would love if I could find a content creator who makes videos targeting hardened players and extended time vets, purely because I really like diving into a gamers personal mindsets on their take on serious gaming. Again this can be constructive criticism, it is not about the founder especially, just throwing my remark and feelings, great video, nothing for this. ?

All you have to do is get all of gloomy (lvl 50) equipment from the black market, then equip your Maplestory M Mesos for sale normal main hand and a secondary that gives gearscore like dagger or shuriken. Upgrade your weapons to +7 plus a little bit of your armor, that will force you to reach 2100 much faster and much more affordable than getting a purple. Once you are at the dungeon lobby you are able to change your gear back to what it's supposed to

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