Elder Scrolls Online patch can offset performance degradation

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The creative director of The Elder Scrolls Online has apologized for the performance of the game in the official blog, especially those who play games on the basic PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles.

We are not satisfied with this, so we know how important it is for us to ease the situation and regularly update what we are doing, he wrote. A game that is still strong after a few years brings some challenges to make it run as smoothly as possible. Technology and player behavior will change over time, and the amount of naturally available content will continue to expand. All of this has been generated with ESO. Different performance."

The next three major updates have been detailed with Cheap ESO Gold the first dealt with memory fragmentation, one of which comes from performance degradation.

4th quarter of 2019: update 24
Memory management overhaul
Basic changes in the way we handle memory used in ESO to reduce memory fragmentation
User Experience: Greatly improved stability (ie, reduced crash/dashboard), especially on the basic console, and potentially minor performance improvements
Behind the scenes combat improvement phase 1
This may be the first initiative to rewrite some of the more consuming combat capabilities to the course server load.
User Experience: This will be the first of many behind-the-scenes battle optimizations, and may not even have a huge impact, but after a while, this will reduce server load and allow for a smoother plus larger team to be more responsive Sexual battle
Rewriting on the Looking for Group system
Completely rewrite the device on how to ESO Gold handle dungeons and personal queues in the battlefield - focus on reliability and speed, especially under load
User experience: LFG system works as expected even under high load
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