How To Boost Your Local SEO

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Running a small business, are you? Need to target a specific location? Or a specific audience? Well, then your business needs a dose of proper local SEO. When you are targeting a certain region, local SEO becomes more important for your online website rather than acquiring conventional SEO services. Marketing your business to local customers and acquiring local leads will determine the success of your business. Targeting and advertising to everyone in the world will bear no fruit, if your services and products are for certain people, then it is no use going all out trying to attract the whole world. This will bring you no joy with regards to your business, a waste of time and money.

What you need is a proper local SEO strategy to take control of your local market and attract the audience which is relevant to your business.

Since your business is small and designed for a specific region, for now, you cannot go out for broader search queries like the big boys in the industry. Instead, the better option for you is to optimize your business on long-tailed keywords and target a certain market which has been ignored by the big fishes as they are too busy serving larger enterprises.

When optimizing for local SEO you have to make use of geo-specific and long-tail keywords and combine them with voice search to really take control of the local market. Still wondering what I just said? Well, let's discuss it in detail
Get listed on Google
Since you are going to optimize your site for Google SERPs, it is crucial that you get your site listed on Google my business, after all 90% of your audience uses Google. Getting listed on Google will help your business appear on Google Maps and Google will show your potential customers that you are providing the exact services and products they want in their vicinity.

All you need to do is provide complete information about your business on Google and it will do the rest for you. Your business will start appearing on Google Maps with timings, logos and your services helping you attract your local audience in a snap.

Optimize for voice search
As mentioned before, voice search is on the rise as users are provided with more convenient ways to surf the internet, now they just ask Google what they are looking for rather than typing long queries.

The thing with voice search is that more than 80% of the queries are very specific and long-tailed. Secondly, they usually end up as a question such as "where can I buy a sofa bed in Melbourne, Australia?" Now when you read this query, you realize it is quite long and very specific to the dot. Most of the queries have what the user want, where they want, how they want and at what time they want.

So when you are editing your content it is important that you optimize for voice search. Using WHY, WHEN, HOW and WHERE in your content is crucial if you want to target a certain audience in a certain location. Add more questions and answer them in your content. Adding FAQs is not a bad idea.

Use geo-specific keywords
Like mentioned earlier, your local audience wants to find services and products near them. They will always use a location in their search queries. In this case use more geo-specific keywords in your content. If you are targeting more than one location, then use those locations also.

You can take the help of Google Keyword Planner to find keywords most relevant to your business and targeted demographic.
Register on local business directories
Another great tactic for optimizing on local search results is local backlinking. Create as many links as you can on local directories. This will allow Google to understand your target market and the region you are looking to target.
Find guest blogging services which are relevant to your target market and audience. Add the most relevant information about your brand and achieve maximum results.


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