How I Can Install AOL Desktop Gold?

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Call +1 (866) 257-5356, if you're intrigued and overwhelmed to read about this incredible software, you'll have to wonder how to download and install AOL Desktop Gold on the Mac OS. You can further read this blog to have a full understanding of the measures and even consult with customer care managers for further advantages and doubts.

Steps to Download, Upgrade and Install AOL Desktop Gold
1. If you are an AOL Advantage plan membership.
2. You will have to click on My Benefits page.
3. Select “All products” and tap on “AOL desktop gold.”
4. Now click on the download button.
5. If you have trial or subscription version of AOL gold.
6. Sign in to My Account page > My services > Subscription.
7. Now click on get started under “AOL desktop gold.”
8. If you have a confirmation email from official AOL sign up confirmation.
9. Open the email and tap on the download link.
10. Tap on “Download AOL desktop gold.”
11. Now locate the download folders and click on save button.

AOL Premium Features:
Premium Security Features: It protects your aol account from being AOL hacked. No one can crack the aol premium security layer.
Auto Update: Now, you don’t need to update AOL Desktop gold manually. All latest version has a new feature by which it will automatically update itself when the internet connection is available.

AOL Desktop Gold Details:
Language: English
Version: Gold
Size: 15Mb
License: 4.99$/Month
Develope By: AOL
AOL Desktop Gold System Requirements
OS: Win7, Win8, Win10
Screen Resolution: 1024×768 or Higher
Memory: 1GB Ram
Storage: 512MB Free Hard Disk Space
Processor: 266 MHz
Internet: Required to Download and browsing or checking emails
AOL Desktop Gold Support Timing: 24*7

Support URL: http://www.aolhelp247.com/aol-desktop-gold-support/


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    Before reading this article, I have no idea about Installation of AOL desktop version. After reading this article, I easily Install AOL. Hostsailor In this article, the author explained with step by step so that we can easily do our task.