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Good news for all Warframe fans, NAKAK’S rewards event begins now! can't wait to share the details with you. You can prepare yourself now for these wonderful rewards. Don't remember to visit our site if you are in need of cheap Warframe Platinum to enhance yourself!

Nakak has some very unique rewards for taking part in the event, and collecting unique currency to be spent on some interesting rewards! What can you expect? How about:

  • Floofs!
  • Sigils!
  • Captura Scenes!
  • Emblems!
  • Noggles!

If you need a reminder about the Tactical alert and what it involves, here is what you can expect from Tactical Alert: Dog Days:

SPLISH SPLASH - A new Soaktron water gun with unique spraying effect. Soak the grineer before they soak you. No Powers. No Gear. No Beach Doggos. Just you, your Warframe and a ton of moisture.

BEACH BODS - Unique cosmetic additions to your Warframe! Make sure you are looking at your finest when you go strolling on the sands!

DAY IN THE SUN - This alert will have a completely unique location for all your summer fun. Get some rays, splash in the ocean, then destroy your foes… with water!

Are you already excited for this new event? Get ready now! You are always welcomed to buy Warframe Platinum from with cheap price, fastest delivery, full refund and all wonderful services!
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