Coloured contact lenses vs Regular Contact lenses

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It is always a thing with contact lens users that they are usually reluctant about using colour contact lenses instead of regular ones or if they are thinking about changing their lens type they are never quite sure. So what are regular contact lenses and what is the difference between coloured and regular contact lenses, you would be surprised to know that coloured contacts isn't much different from regular ones except for one type of lens has colour tint and the other doesn’t, that is literally all. The coloured lens may be, remember it is maybe, more uncomfortable than regular contact lenses, but if you think they are going to harm your eyes then you are wrong. It would be your carelessness with the usage of your contacts that would harm your eyes.

What Are Contacts?
Back in the past people used different types of opticals or magnifying glasses to find solution of vision problems. Then came the invention of contact lenses in 1887 this allowed people to get rid of different glasses and utilize the advantages of the new technology on offer. Back then contact lenses were more comfortable as they were designed with glass and then with more advancement in technology scientist came up with plastic contact lenses in 1938 and so they started producing them in mass numbers.

Back in the day your eyes need to get adjusted to the feel of plastic and it was rather uncomfortable but now they are made with softer plastic to provide easy application and comfort while wearing them. That object was so firm that it could change the shape of your cornea over time. These concern forced the manufacturers to create more breathable lenses which you wear now. A doctor examines your eye before providing you a prescription of what contact lenses will fit into your eyes. Prescription is provided after the conclusion that the lenses will bring your vision to 20/20.

What should you look for in a contact?
Contacts are “medical devices”, which is why you require a prescription from doctor after they examine your eyes. You get lenses based on what material you want, what type will suit best with your eyes and how breathable they are.

What you need to know about contacts:
• Disposable contacts. These are available in 2-weekly and monthly contacts that you dispose of after using them for 2-4 weeks and you would have to buy a new pair.
• Daily wear. These are on time use contact lenses which you will use for one day and dispose them at night before going to bed.
• Bifocal and multifocal contact lenses. These lenses have different sections in them allowing you to magnify, similar to bifocal or multifocal glasses.
• Gas Permeable. These lenses allow more provision of oxygen through them so your eyes can receive more oxygen from the surrounding air.
• Toric Lenses. These contacts are for astigatism.

Depending on the condition of patient, hard contact lenses would work better for some. They do extremely well at providing clear vision for many testing eye conditions, and they have more breathability which makes your eyes less prone to infections. The difference between hard and soft is that hard contact lenses can be used for years, while soft contact lenses can only work for maximum of 3-4 months.

Coloured Contacts
You can get various types of colour contact lenses. Most coloured contact lenses are disposable.This means that they can be for daily wear, monthly wear or ones that you discard after a certain period of time. There are different types of coloured tints available such as vibrant coloured opaque tints, eye enhancing enhancement tints and visibility tints. A visibility tint is so faint, you may not be able to notice it unless you were looking at it with focus. Tint helps you identify where the contact is in the solution filled storage.

Enhancement tints are used to enhancing the colour of your eyes, they are more thicker than visibility tints even though they are transparent..
If you are looking to change the colour of your eye completely like from one colour to another you would probably need an opaque tint. Opaque tints are thicker and they completely cover your eyes and provide a different eye colour to match your outfit for Halloween or parties.

Differences and Similarities
There is not too much to put them apart from each other, it just that coloured contacts and regular contact lenses only have the difference of colour. It is known that most patients feel their contacts more when they use colour contacts due to the tint used to colour them, that is why they are a little uncomfortable. Some patients do not feel anything, but you will definitely feel the difference if you switch from regular contacts to solid coloured contacts. Both have breathable lenses available and you can get yours after examination of your eyes by a doctor.

It should be mentioned that it is highly recommended to buy contact lenses from a doctor eye care office. Outside the doctor's office many retailers sell illegal contact lenses and they will never ask for prescription, they are effectively breaking the law. Whether it is for Halloween or other parties remain cautious frauds and always buy from certified eye care product seller. You should never meddle with the health of your eyes. If you find any retailer selling without prescription duly report to higher authorities, stay safe while you party.