The different types of fire safety equipment you must have in your buildings in 2019

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Your workplace, industry or building is never safe unless you have the complete set of fire equipment in place. Fire extinguisher servicing is important from time to time, but it will not help you in every different emergencies.
There are different classes of fire and different fire equipments fight different classes of fire. Contacting your local fire authority or your fire safety service provider will help you understand different fire types and what equipment is better equipped to fight of a certain fire type and what safety equipment is a must for your building.
If you are confused about what equipment you need to install, then don't worry as we have listed down different safety equipment to help you out of this ordeal.
Fire extinguisher
Fire extinguishers are a must have, and no one would deny it and every building, whether large or small have at least one fire extinguisher installed. Fire extinguishers are designed to fight against small fires which could later spread and become dangerous.
Now it must be noted that there are different classes of fire and every class have different type of fire extinguisher designed to fight that class of fire. You can find a fire extinguisher for almost every fire class.
Type of fire extinguishers are as follows
Dry powder
Wet chemical
It is also imperative that your fire extinguisher servicing is on point, no accident come after a warning
Fire blankets
They are mostly placed in areas where you would find flammable cooking products such as oil and fats. Fire blankets are to extinguish small fires of class F
Sprinklers are usually installed in larger buildings and they come with different standards which could be applied to your building. For that you would have to go through the Building code of Australia to understand their installation and design for your building.
Following are standards usually used to install sprinklers in your buildings
AS 2118.6:2012 Standard for Automatic fire sprinkler system, combined sprinkler and hydrant systems in multistory buildings
AS 2118.1:2017 Standard for Automatic fire sprinkler system, this is a general systems
AS 1905.1:2005 Standard for Components for the protection of openings in fire-resistant walls Fire-resistant doorsets
AS 1760:2105 Fire detection, warning, control and intercom systems System design, installation and commissioning Fire

Fire hose reels
Fire hose reels are important, especially is your workplace is home to wood, paper and other similar material. As hose reels discharge water, it makes them effective to class A fires. Remember not to use hose reels to extinguish fires on electrical equipment as it would only escalate the issue. Electrical related fire is usually dealt with CO2 or dry powder fire extinguishers.
Smoke alarms
Commercial buildings and hospitals must have smoke alarms, this helps in detecting fires in initial stages which allows the people in such buildings to evacuate on time. Smoke alarms are detectors which can detect smoke and alert the people inside the building of a potential fire.
Emergency exits
Lastly, one of the most important safety regulation for any building is the access to emergency exits and evacuations. Before you fight the fire you need to have all the people residing in the building to evacuate safely so any casualties can be avoided. Emergency exits must be according to the AS 2293-2005 standard.

Important mention
Make sure your fire equipment is maintained as per the standards. You must get a professional to have your equipment tested and investigated at least twice a year to maintain your building safety regulation. Contact your local fire protection authority to help you with servicing and maintenance.



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