Bitcoin is a technology

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The Bitcoin Blockchain and similar crypto economic systems are powerful technologies which you can get more information like https://cryptolinks.com/ which is such a helpful thing to get about crypto. Yes, we can use for the betterment of society, but if we do it wrong, we can also create a control machine beyond Orwellian Imagination.
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  1. Zrado's Avatar
    Bitcoin I would not call technology. As for me, itís just a torrent technology with its own cryptocurrency and nothing more. There is no anonymity and decentralization in it. And how cryptocurrency attracts me more than Ton. Moreover, I managed to buy it for myself and am waiting for growth. Here you can also buy it yourself ton ico. Good luck
  2. Davidorka's Avatar
    Yes, Bitcoin is a great technology and a good opportunity to make money. Try to trade it here, for example cryptocurrency list, you can study the existing cryptocurrency at the moment. Once you understand the trend of rising and falling, you can buy yourself a crypt and trade it.