Windows activation key

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Hello, everyone. My friend gave me a copy of Windows ten, but there is no activation key. Where can I find a cheap one?
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  1. Jactiben's Avatar
    "Hey, Andrew. I can recommend you not only cheap, but a free tool to activate it. I used to DOWNLOAD ACTIVATOR KMSPICO FOR WINDOWS 8 when I had to enable it, and it still works. The thing is that KMSPico creates its' server to activate OS, so Windows servers can't detect it, so you can be sure that you'll active your OS once for a lifetime. However, it's a free tool, it's a virus-free, and there is no necessity to give any passwords or personal info to download it. What I like about KMSPico, is that you don't need an internet connection to use it, which is excellent.
    So, you can try to use it, besides, if you don't like that tool, it can be deleted fast and easy form your computer, so there is nothing to worry about."