Essentials of web design no developer must ignore

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Entering web design is an experience involving both learning and working simultaneously. It is a series of learning, practice and experimentation on the basis of trial & error. Web design does take time and requires a lot of dedication.Aspiring web developers need to go through the basics of designing and creating a new web page. They also need to learn the new technologies and upcoming trends that power up the cyberspace and ensure the web page is aesthetically pleasant. Such is so because today’s market is not only fast paced but also more and more iterations of technology are released periodically and following them is vital.We are not going to predict the future, but we will be focusing on the kind of tools and technology needed to make a great web page on today’s lines and footwork. For starters, this article is a good way to know about the essentials of web design.

Web design essentials not to be ignored by developers

Let’s discuss in brief detail the essentials of web design which should not be ignored by developers.


HTML is Hyper Text Markup Language, the language in which all websites are written. When a web page is being loaded, the browser downloads the HTML for the web page which consists of a specialized syntax. It reads the page through this language to understand the web page’s contents.The links, buttons, animations, graphics, pictures and videos as well as other content are embedded within the HTML. It then tells the browser what the web page contains. All this is done in a matter of seconds.HTML 4 should not be used because it lacks the ability to support complex functionalities like animations and video streaming. HTML 5 supports both animations and video streaming. HTML 5.2 is currently in use. It has all the capabilities a user can hope for.


When a browser loads a web page, two things are downloaded to render the final website: HTML and CSS. Browsers store separate CSS files through which a website’s content placement is known. CSS is known as Cascade Style Sheets. It tells the browser how to present the HTML & its essential visual style.CSS has usually been the same for years. CSS 3 came out to support complicated animations and video streaming. CSS presents HTML and visuals by containing all the needed information within its code. It aligns all tags & headers into the website’s needed style. CSS works in conjunction with HTML.Lack of CSS can turn the website into a junkyard.


Web developers have been mostly using Java & JavaScript to improve interactivity of a website. jQuery helps improve such by bringing to a website lavish interactivity and is less work intensive. If JavaScript takes 10 lines of code, jQuery only takes 2 lines or even less.More than 60% of the websites today in the cyberspace use jQuery. It allows network engineers to handle loads of back-end work with ease.

Adobe Illustrator

Always draw the website up so that working on it becomes easier. Developers can sketch on paper, draw it on a spreadsheet or use Adobe illustrator. Aspiring web developers should make full use of Adobe Illustrator. It’s like using an electronic art board with loads of tools that help developers put together how a website should look. Developers can start with a standard template and then work their way to making their own templates. They can make multiple layers until they reach the final composition which can be rendered via a high-resolution preview.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe photoshop is not just the most popular image editing software around, but also helps draft websites with ease. It supports numerous plugins as well as image formats. It also utilizes the layer system through which websites are easily built through the program.

Adobe Dreamweaver

After all the drafting and previewing, there will be a time when all great looking imagery needs to be transformed to a real web development platform. It helps developers generate a CSS & HTML snippet in less time with relative ease. A lot more features are available to help load the website drafts on a web platform through Dreamweaver.

Over to You

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