The Path of Exile: Blight brings tower defense to action RPG

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The Path of Exile will be a new expansion next month. Blight added a new tower defense mode, fascinating oil, and several prototype overhauls.

The Path of Exile first launched the PC version in 2013. It quickly emerged in the field of action RPG and became the solid second choice for Blizzard Diablo III. Unlike the D3, PoE is a free game that POE Currency causes the game to release a large amount of post-release content to keep the player's basic health. The next expansion will appear next month, the road to exile: Blight invades the game. Check out the new trailer below.

The biggest increase in Blight is the new tower defense game. Blight has spread its tendrils throughout the land and controls the world's servants. When attacked, it uses its mental control power to send you monsters. Monsters only travel along with the roots of Blight, so you can build towers to stop them from getting into orbit. This is a change in the speed of normal action RPG combat, but for veterans and newcomers, this seems to be an interesting addition.

While defeating Blight, you will get oil that can be used for enchanting items. There are twelve different oil types, and mixing them will Buy POE Currency bring you new enchantments every time. The extension also includes major updates to different prototypes. The Necromancer, the poison assassin, and the destroyer are all making great efforts. Combine these with all new projects and players will have a lot of trouble. Links:


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