The Path of Exile: Easily launch the most up-to-date version inside the quarterly exp

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Grinding Gear Games is proud to announce the exile: Blight is going to be launched on September 9th, the most recent in a quarterly update towards the Path of Exile. Each expansion will introduce a fresh challenge alliance, powerful items, skill gems, game style portions of the Path of Exile, plus much more.

On the Path of Exile: Blight, dangerous fungal growth has started to appear about the cursed Wraeclast continent. If you are a game enthusiast and want to find the cheapest POE Currency, the POECurrency website is your best choice. Threatening humans and beasts. With the help of the newest NPC Cassia sisters, your mission is usually to destroy these growths. Cassia built an exclusive pump because of this work. But as her pump sucks on toxic fungi, monsters coming from all shapes and sizes seem to protect against blight. These demons are particularly hardy. Cassia developed a series of towers that can help protect her pump you can deploy.

Blight combines the short, crazy action from the battle in the exile while using strategic fun from the tower defense game. To successfully defeat Blight, you must make a dynamic decision. Pay attention to your surrounding environment and prepare for future development. Successfully defending Cassia's pumps rewards you with precious weapons and armor, along with special oils. If you don't know where to POE Currency Buy is the cheapest, POECurrency is highly recommended and the offer is particularly large. Cassia can use strong magic to smear your ring and amulet.

Use defensive options for instance Shield Gem gems, support gems, add update AI to existing mini-theme items, and thoroughly look into the level of Necromancer spell support. Links: