Path of Exile Blight joins the Tower Defense League

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As the Path of Exile player community is maintaining growth on several platforms, the POE game is going to launch a 3.8.0 update called Blight.
The Path of Exile: Blight introduced the game's challenge league for one more three months. This will introduce latest features for the game's usual dungeon crawling and treasure hunt: tower defense. But despite having the addition of this new game POE Trade Currency element, this problem alliance will continue fresh and available to players which jump on the path of exile to the first time.
Players will encounter new NPC characters. She will tell the participant some fungal growth within the island of Wraeclast. These can control the ideas of nearby monsters, so Cassia calls on players to destroy them. She can benefit the device, nonetheless, it takes time for that ichor to completely disappear from growth. When the unit is running, you's mission would be to protect it from intruding monsters.
Whenever players seek to attack fungus growth, they'll protect themselves by summoning monsters. The monster will flow on the growing tendril in a very fixed pattern. In addition to using own abilities, players can establish defensive connections to Buy POE Currency fungal growth on multiple tendril channels. Different towers can target different monster weaknesses, so players have to be wary of which monsters to address and how to block these waves. The harder it grows, a lot more curly it's going to be.
You won't find many Blight encounters over the game. Players will undoubtedly find one of such encounters on each map. Most of them are miniature encounters, enough to supply a transfer, and even though the battle is short, they'll receive a generous reward because players will get new what you should help increase their inventory. Links: