Advice on choosing an air compressor?

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I'm planning on doing an overhaul of the house and I need to find an air compressor for the nail gun. How to choose? Are there guys here who recently bought an air compressor? Share experience?
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  1. Marion's Avatar
    Hey, buddy. Some time ago I had the pleasure to work in my country house with a pneumatic nailer and can recommend you a great overview website where in a simple and accessible form are recommendations for the choice of such equipment and try here at the link dig this. I think for you will well enough what any good Makita or California, in general study.
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    Hey. For myself, I chose a small air compressor with three tools - a combination kit | BOSTITCH BTFP3KIT. I saw this model when I read the article at:, and then bought it. It fully fits my goals. The only minus that I noticed is its weight. He weighs 42.8 pounds.
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