I rolled a Priest as Maple story M Mesos

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I rolled a Priest as Maple story M Mesos my primary and was immediately concerned that level cap could be reached in a single day, ruining the value and achievement suspicions from being able to level up, and then the devs say the time gates and RNG would be to'make the game last longer' when they killed the very first thing that makes a game sustain players. Once I struck Hard dungeons and had been performing them on multiple personalities, I noticed something else concerning about the RNG; many enchant rolls irrespective of class are elemental resistances, typically 0.03%, which makes it a junk stat. And I have two weeks of drops getting resistances.

No Piercing, No Truth, not one of the stuff that has been considered for doing Chaos raids REQUIRED. They assert KR's microtransactions was removed by them out of our match conceal the simple fact that there are a number of items that were removed permanently. Ever see that the'lock stat' scrolls when re-rolling enchants doesn't exist? Were you aware identifying keys in KR gives heaps of potions rather than 200 B1 secrets? Or you cant make your own potions withotu spending enormous quantities of stuff to restore 800 HP? Maybe this is the second worst game of Nexon's I have played. ?

As an old (over 10 years) participant of Maple Story (1) I know just what the problem is. For my class are not in MS2 and I sell them or trade them. Is dismantle them - for a Bow with maximum Pierce? In MS1 the grind has got to be tiring because I'm tired, and I may not log on for a week. I then get back to the grind because I know I will make mesos by helping others with their gear and buy better gear for myself. In MS2 its about the RNG with no way from becoming"Bad Luck". They are so focused on getting rid of the Meso Sellers they have lost track of the fact that what is the most interesting for many players is that we can sell the good stuff we get so we cant use and get decent equipment that the RNG gods didnt opt to favor us with.

Additionally the most well-known areas on older MS1 were the Party Quests in which MaplestoryM Mesos you had to perform jump quests or resolve sequences and clear a few lesser monster displays before you got to the boss. And then everyone would compare what they have and how much it might sell for or"can we trade". It maintained friendships going. In MS2 its only"I wish I could give you these awesome throwing stars, but I must destroy them " I have gotten over 50 B1 keys rather than just one B4 key and it took me 3 weeks to go from +12 weapon to +13 weapon. Why cant I buy a B4 key or weapons to utilize for magic? I thought I would get 1 character for each class, but now I only want to enjoy what I have accomplished instead of spending all my time and efforts on becoming frustrated with a fresh character - I'm not willing to put in time for a new character. That's what I hate about this sport. ?

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