When I first began mourning the end of the 2018 NFL season

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that was put to bed by the Patriots 13-3 victory over the Rams in Super Bowl LIII on February 3 David DeCastro Jersey , there was no way in heck I thought Steelers fans would soon find a football fix that didn’t involve mock drafts, the upcoming free agency period, Antonio Brown, Le’Veon Bell or a continued preoccupation with “FireTomlin!”However, Friday morning, my mom (or mum in both Pittsburgh and England-speak) called to inform me that BTSC writer and Great Britain native Simon Chester was on the KDKA Morning Show to talk about the Alliance of American Football Fan Guide he had recently published. When I first heard about that, the first thing I thought was, “Wow, why didn’t Larry Richert ever have me on to discuss one of my annual Super Bowl Roasts? "After I got over that disappointment, the next thing I thought was, “Really?” I couldn’t believe there was an actual buzz for the newly-created AAF, a sort of developmental league founded by filmmaker Charlie Ebersol and headed by former NFL general manager Bill Polian.Later that day, my cousin texted me about the league Chukwuma Okorafor Jersey , and that’s when Irealized the buzz was real. But was it real enough to sustain the excitement all the way through until the start of the 2019 NFL season (or, at least the start of the NFL Draft)? As for me, personally, was this something I wanted to care about? I was intrigued by some of the rules Simon listed in his fan guide, such as no kickoffs and no extra points, which tells me the disdain for the foot part of football is growing—we may be about five years away from having to come up with another name for the sport (seriously, without kickers and punters, calling it football would be like calling the Bee Gees the Bee Gees once Barry Gibb retires). I actually laughed at the very strict overtime rules which include just one possession from the 10-yard line for each team (if there’s one thing sports fans want more of, it’s ties). I did take an initial liking to the idea of forcing a team to convert a fourth and 12 in lieu of an onside kick. Then I thought about how that would translate to the NFL, and unless it was a fourth and 40, in most cases, it would be like Tony Romo putting a golf ball into the giant hole in that one commercial.Now equipped with at least some understanding of the AAF, I decided I was going to try and watch the league’s debut on CBS on Saturday night. Unfortunately Ramon Foster Jersey , I got about halfway through the pre-game show before I decided I didn’t want to watch the actual game. There was nothing in particular that forced me to change the channel. It’s just that, well, I kind of want to miss football for a few months. I believe half the fun of enjoying something is not having it around for a while. It’s like what Barry Manilow told his good friend Suzanne Somers regarding the dwindling audience for her ongoing Las Vegas show, “How can you give them a chance to miss you if you never go away?” I mean, aren’t you always going on and on about the over-saturation of the sport of football? Don’t you continuously complain about the length of games, the numerous commercials and about how the NFL practically force-feeds you match-ups on Thursday nights? Aren’t you someone who is ready to throw fists at the mere suggestion of expanding an NFL regular season to 18 games? How can you be so frustrated by all things football, yet excited about more football—just six days after football ended? I do like the fact that the AAF will give many fringe players—particularly quarterbacks—a chance to develop their skills and perhaps get noticed by the NFL. I also like that so many areas without NFL teams—including Arizona (Cardinals humor, Ar Ar)—will get a chance to see a level of football that’s at least slightly greater than college (well, except for Alabama where the quality of college football is better than 75 percent of the AFC East). I may try and find some AAF highlights online. I may take in some action if a game is on at some bar I happen to be at. I may even get excited about the prospect of Zach Mettenberger of the Memphis Express finally developing into the next Ben Roethlisberger. But I don’t see myself going out of my way to watch this new football league.When I was 12 years old, I was watching a baseball game, when a player tried to dive into the stands to catch a foul ball. The announcer joked that he didn’t get both feet in bounds, thus the catch didn’t count. When I heard that, I got that warm and fuzzy feeling because I knew football was right around the corner. That was 35 years ago Vince Williams Jersey , and just about every summer since then, something happens or is said that makes that warm and fuzzy feeling return. I want to continue to have that feeling every year, and I may not if I forget how to miss football.Sorry, AAF. After a pair of hot-potato trades following only one season in the NFL, Steelers receiver Ryan Switzer came very close to walking away from the game. A brief encounter with Steelers coach Mike Tomlin not long before the season opener changed that.“We are playing Cleveland in three days, and he says to me, ‘Make sure you get your sh-t together because you are going to be in there a lot,’” Switzer told Mark Kaboly of regarding remarks made in the aftermath of the trade that sent Switzer from Oakland to Pittsburgh less than two weeks before Week One.“Now, I am thinking I am just going to come here and catch some punts and some kicks and be kind of an afterthought,” Switzer said. “It was like ‘Wow!’ He didn’t care where I came from and what they thought of me, and he puts me out there Week One against Cleveland [for seven offensive snaps] because he has trust in me. . . .“I have always been a guy who if you show trust in me, I will run through a brick wall or die trying,” Switzer said. “For him to do that Terry Bradshaw Jersey , I felt really good.”Few knew that Switzer, a West Virginia speedster who had a standout career at North Carolina but who then was traded from the Cowboys to the Raiders after only one year and then to the Steelers before ever playing for Oakland, was thinking about packing it in.“It was more than I didn’t think I belonged anymore,” Switzer told Kaboly. “I have never had somebody not want me before. I have never been through a trade, I have never been through a team basically telling me that they didn’t have a need for me. I took a hit in confidence and my mindset.”Switzer explained that he believed he was “letting [his] wife down” after moving from Dallas to Oakland and then to Pittsburgh.“I felt really bad,” Switzer told Kaboly. “I told her that this isn’t worth me feeling like this anymore.”Helping Switzer make the transition is the fact that quarterback Ben Roethlisberger (to whom Switzer refers as “7” not as “Mr.”) took a liking to him.“I don’t know why he chose me to try to pick me up and get me involved, but he did and I am grateful for that and I don’t take that for granted,” Switzer said.He now has an opportunity to help fill the void created by the trade to Oakland of a guy who took a strong disliking to Roethlisberger in recent months. And if Switzer can continue to develop as a slot receiver, he could have a long and fruitful career roughly 220 miles up I-79 from where he grew up.
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