Expensive gifts

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Do you like buying gifts? What is the most expensive gift you've given to someone?
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  1. Jactiben's Avatar
    I love buying presents for other people. I think that the most expensive was the pair of Luxury Watches. I bought my parents for their wedding anniversary. In our town we donít have a shop with luxury watches, so I decided to buy them online. At was I was a little afraid because you know, everything can happen. But luckily, everything was great, I receive the watches quickly, and god, they looked great. Of course, it was a costly present, but itís my parents, and I will do everything for them.
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  3. savinas's Avatar
    Buying gifts for your wife can be extremely taxing at the best of times. You think you know what they want but quite honestly you probably European Gift Ideashave a clue. Let's take buying a Christmas present for your Wife as an example.*
  4. lizmcconel's Avatar
    I got Russian watches for my boyfriend here It was not so expensive but he liked this present the most.