Korean music

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Hello! I would like to tell you about Korean music.

I got acquainted with Korean-made dramas. It was something new and fresh at that time. But now, it will be a little about something else. Namely about Korean music. A little later, I met a group like SS501. Korean pop group (currently split), which I went crazy for several months. Then there was a group called FtIsland (existing to this day). And the last, most beloved at the moment, a band called SHINEE.

Please share your favorite music.
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  1. milanj's Avatar
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  2. BranKim's Avatar
    Originally popped up as a music genre, K-pop is now a massive musical subculture with millions of young fans around the world. This example should be considered as an example of strategic development in the world market of a regional subculture, as an alternative to musical development. Clips in this genre are always unusually colorful and support catchy rhythms of songs, and vocal parts are diverse, with a strong influence of hip-hop. All this is emphasized by the vivid image of the musicians and the pomp and theatricality of concert performances. MIROTIC - TVXQ is the fourth Korean album (DBSK). After listening to this album, I fell in love with Korean pop music.
  3. Haileyb's Avatar
    It was very interesting to know more about Korean music. I had been researching online on various music cultures and glad to find this website where I get chance to know about different cultural music and their history. There are many online sites which helps you create music online with friends.
  4. moorethomas's Avatar
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