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Facing “Incorrect password” error at the Account Live login page? Verify the password you have entered. If it is correct but you are still experiencing the problem, then perform the stepwise instructions for the Account Live password reset process and set a new password for your account.
Don’t worry, it’s not rocket science. Just open any web browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox and type –reset in the URL. A web page asking you to enter your registered email address or phone number will open. Enter any of these two details and click Continue.

Microsoft will send you a password reset code. If you have entered the email, then the code will be sent to your email ID as an email. On the other hand, if you have provided your phone number, then check your phone’s default messaging app to find the Account Live password reset code as an SMS.
Copy the code and then go back to the Account Live password reset page. Enter the code in the given field, and then type the new password twice. Congratulations! You have successfully reset your Account Live password.

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