Is a CA can get into business journalism and media, if yes then How?

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See, based on your question, I canít say if I have understood what you are trying to ask. Though, from what I have understood, you either want to start a media/ journalism business or want to acquire media houses or journalism clients for your CA firm.

Letís talk about both one by one:

1. How to start a media business

First decide which type of business you want to start? For instance, you can start an advertising agency or a news website or a news channel. Then consult someone who has good knowledge about how these business you plan to get in works. Take a loan for CA or a Business loan for Chartered Accountants to finance your business venture, and set up an office. Hire people who can help you grow your business and help you acquire clients.

2. How to acquire media houses as client

You should take help from business development consultants or tie-up with companies that are already working with the organisations. You can ask those companies to refer you to the organisations, and they would oblige if your relations with those people are in good state.

3. Work as a business writer

Make an account on online naukri portal and apply for writer jobs.


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    The CA can work anywhere in the business journalism and media field as they are highly in demand. The main purpose is to collect, coordinate, interpret and exhibit data on financial records additional resources . Their job details may range from auditing, financial reporting, creating and maintaining accounting systems, etc.
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