World of Warcraft nostalgia: Orc Warlock 20 succumber mission diagram

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The first step was to talk to the blood of the Warlock Trainer in Orgrim. He said that I can now learn to summon the succubus, and more information can be found with Cazel.

I found the cazel outside the tent. He told me to find a girl in the city waiting for the companion to return. The zankaja mission reminder: Cazel sat outside the warlock's tent.

Zakaria said that she was worried about the WoW Classic Gold safety of his husband, dog ran and asked me to go to Gazrog on the crossroad to inquire about her whereabouts. The task reminder: zankajia went down the bridge in the city to the cleft of shadow on the road to the cleft of shadow.

I flew to the crossroad and found the Gazrog at the entrance of the inn. He told me that the dogran didn't die, but he was captured and injured. He needs the kenzigla pharmacy task at the Stone Claw Mountain Sun Rock Camp: Good looking people

I went to the desolate sun rock retreat and saw kenzigla. He asked me to go camping taurajo with a potion to find log mar to inquire about the drop of the dog ran. Task Tip: I have been to Sun Rock before, itís comfortable, itís good to fly, I have to Going over, if you havenít been there, you should pay attention to the sun rock walking on the table at the entrance of Stonetalon Mountain. Orc guards are wandering on the road.

Logmar told me that dog ran was locked in a tightly guarded camp north of camp taurajo, let me take the potion to save him. Task Tip: If it is convenient to start at camp taurajo, you should fly from Sun Rock to XR first, then run over.

After solving the guard, I saw the dying dog ran, he decided to die here, let me not tell him inside... and asked me to bring a token to the blood. Task Tip: The hardest part of this series of tasks can be called to help, but the 20th level warlock just got new magic, solo up, but also good, patience, layer-by-layer advancement, can clear the outside, and the same level 20 The Wild Boar Master is attacking. It is a fireball. I am a shadow bolt. I am doing it three times. It hurts me half a blood.

Returning to Orgrim to find the blood, and handing him the token, after receiving some praise, let me go to the opposite shed to find a succubus and defeat her. Task Tip: It is easy to defeat the succubus, and you can help with imp.

After defeating the succubus, come back to find the blood, complete the mission and get the magic task of summoning the succubus: the succubus attack is still quite high, the beauty and the beast are very good.


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