How to Fix Error rdk-03003

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How to Fix ‘Error code RDK-03003’ on Xfinity?

Xfinity is an exchanging name of Comcast Cable Communications which is the biggest ISP in the USA. They have been doing business for over 50 years and furthermore have the second biggest link arrange on the planet. Be that as it may, as of late, a great deal of reports have been coming in where clients can't stare at the TV utilizing the Xfinity link and an rdk-03003 is seen while attempting to do as such.

This error keeps the client from gushing Television through the link completely and reviving the link box bears no organic product. Therfore, in this article, we will control you with a portion of the reasons because of which this error may be activated and give practical answers for fix the issue.

What Causes the “Error code rdk-03003” on Xfinity?

After receiving numerous reports from multiple users, we decided to investigate the issue and devised a set of solutions to fix it completely. Also, we looked into the reasons due to which it is triggered and listed the most common ones below:

Cache: Certain launch configurations and settings are cached by the Internet Router which are then used to establish a connection with the ISP’s server. These configurations can sometimes be corrupted and can lead to an unstable connection. The internet needs to be connected to the Xfinity Cable box in order for it to work properly and an unstable connection can prevent that from happening.

Bad Power Outlet: In some cases, the power outlet to which the signal amplifier was connected wasn’t providing the ample amount of voltage required for it to work properly which in turn was causing the error.

Loose Cables: It is possible that a certain cable connecting to your Cable box might not be plugged in properly due to which this error is triggered.

Since you have an essential thought of the idea of the issue, we will proceed onward towards the arrangements. Try to actualize these in the particular request wherein they are displayed to stay away from strife.

Solution 1: Reinitializing Equipment

It is conceivable that specific dispatch arrangements may be tainted because of which the association isn't being set up appropriately. Subsequently, in this progression, we will be reinitializing the hardware including the switch by totally control cycling it. For that:

Unplug the power from your Internet Router and all the Cable equipment.
Press and hold the “Power” button on your Internet Router and the Cable box for 30 seconds.
Plug the power back in and wait for internet services to start.
Check to see if the issue persists.

Solution 2: Checking Wires

On the off chance that a specific wire associated with the link box is free or isn't associated appropriately it can keep the association from being built up and may trigger the error. In this manner, it is prescribed to unplug every one of the wires from the link box and fitting them in once more. In the wake of doing as such, verify whether the issue perseveres.

Solution 3: Changing Power Outlet

On the off chance that an electrical plug isn't giving the sufficient voltage to the link gear it can keep the hardware from working appropriately or notwithstanding controlling on. Along these lines, it is prescribed to change the Power outlet for the Signal Amplifier and the other Cable gear. Verify whether the issue endures in the wake of doing as such.

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