Is the atmosphere of the World of Warcraft Classic nostalgic?

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It’s been almost a month since the opening of the No. 27 World of Warcraft nostalgic suit last month. In the beginning, a bunch of people vowed to say that World of Warcraft was only the first month of the fire, and now it’s also “scratched.” World of Warcraft is still hot.

But wow classic are not perfect. The game is still the original game, but the people who play are not so youthful. After the baptism of society, there is no such WoW Classic Gold bloody. In today's fast-paced society, everything is moving toward more fast and convenient directions. The World of Warcraft classic suits mixed with all kinds of "fast food" games are also a special existence.

However, the World of Warcraft Classic in its implementation stage is not perfect as described above, and he also has many problems. For example, when the game is just open, the game is very hot. If you open a server at random, it will be full. The number is tens of thousands of queues, or you can be kicked off the line while playing in the game. Many players ridicule Netease. This is nostalgic enough. It is not only a nostalgic 60 version of the game database, but even the 60 version of the Ninetowns server is nostalgic.

There is also the upgrade process of wow classic. When you first opened the service, everyone still wants to do the task. It is not easy to upgrade the copy of the blame all the way, but the middle-aged man is under great pressure and can go home every day to play the game. Not much. Coupled with the slow upgrade, so a large number of players began the AA team to blame the practice, specifically a group of AOE strong occupations, plus a T can pull strange, this becomes a lot of traditional copy Occupations such as druids, pastors, thieves, etc. are difficult to find team upgrades.

The world’s shouting page is all about the Warrior’s AA team, which greatly affects the game experience of other professions. Although this does not violate Blizzard’s game regulations, it is awkward with the World of Warcraft nostalgic clothing.

The last point is that now whether it is a large copy or a small copy of the team will exist, black others equipment, although this is a relatively common phenomenon, but it is a very devastating blow to the game's environmental game atmosphere, everyone knows World of Warcraft is a game that requires social attributes very much. In World of Warcraft, such a highly collaborative online game, the behavior of black equipment often involves the trust between people, which is the game and the game itself. Said, it is an indelible injury.


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